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Ultimate DSLR bundle learning video course

The Ultimate DSLR Bundle brings advanced and beginner courses to you for 92% off

The holiday season brings a lot of gift giving to friends and family. Somewhere in that family someone might have been lucky enough to score their first DSLR camera. I know my daughter got her first, what I call, real camera this year with a Canon Rebel T3. It is quite a bit different from the silly little point-and-shoots that the schools use to teach digital photography and editing. Getting them their first DSLR is only the first step in their success in the photography world. Sure, they can use the auto focus and still take great photos, but the whole point of a DSLR is manipulation of the settings to gain a photographic advantage over the subject. Much of those skills are learned, and not in the manual with the camera.

Currently on sale now is a DSLR bundle of courses for beginners and advanced users a like. The beginners section contains 4 hours of video and goes over the creative modes and fundamentals of exposure and ISO along with creative use of shutter speed.

Ultimate DSLR bundle course

The advanced section offers up 6 hours of video courses and shows you how to get better portraits, tips and tricks for nature shots, how to set up time-lapse sequences and some basic editing techniques using Photoshop and free software.

The course has a standing price tag of $346 but is being offered through Stack Social for $24.99. Investment in your photographic future, or that of a loved one, will be never-ending. May as well start learning a thing or two to help get the most out of your purchase. Hit the link below pick up the special bundle courses before they disappear. Best hurry too, Stack Social has it listed to end in 8 hours.

The Ultimate DSLR Bundle course for Beginners and Advanced owners.

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