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Amazon Prime saved customers over $2 billion in two-day shipping costs

One of the bread and butter sides to Amazon is the Amazon Prime subscription service. Prime brings quite a lot to subscribers and Amazon has been hard at work over the year to make things even better. The largest benefits for Amazon Prime are easily seen with owners of the Kindle Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks though with the Amazon Instant video and kindle reading programs. While there are many perks, the free Two-Day Prime shipping is probably one of the more loved aspects. With the Holiday season over Amazon was keen to share some numbers about how Prime did on the 20th Holiday season.

This year customer orders that were Prime shipping eligible accounted for over $2 billion in shipping savings this year. That is a lot of dough. To add to the numbers, 100 million more items were shipped out this year compared to last year and 10 million new customers tried out Prime for the time.  I assume those that tried out Prime for the first time are still on the 30-day trial, but if they convert to the $99 yearly plan that will be some major weight for Amazon.

Did you help contribute to that success this year? I know I did, a little. After all, I am a man. Last minute Christmas shopping was a breeze.

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