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The Beginners List of Drone / Quadcopter Manufacturers

While researching Quadcopter for our creative marketing agency, I’ve been compiling a list of Quadcopter manufacturers.  This is not yet a concise list, but it does provide a great start for anyone looking to purchase Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Quadcopter / Drone platforms.  We will try to add to this list as new manufacturers are found.

Here’s the list so far (In alphabetical order) :

3D Robotics (3DR)

3D Robotics are a professional drone manufacturer creating more than simply a hobby flying machine.  They produce autonomous drones with GPS waypoint planning and much much more.

3D Robotics Homepage: http://3drobotics.com


Blade is owned by Horizon Hobby, LLC and manufactures the Blade range of Quadcopters.  They offer some enhanced features such as SAFE to make flying their craft easier and safer and various software systems to smooth out the flight of their Quadcopters.  From helicopters to multi-prop drones, Blade has many options available.

Blade Homepage: http://www.bladehelis.com


JH Toys Industrial Co., Limited are the company who manufacture the Cheerson brand of Quadcopters.  They are based in China in Guangdong province. JH Toys specialize in the design and manufacture of a vast array or remote-controlled toys. The Cheerson range and in particular, the Cheerson CX-20 open source Drone, which is a mid level GPS drone with Camera Gimbal support for semi-professional aerial video production.

Cheerson Homepage: http://cnjhtoys.com

DJI Innovations

DJI Innovations is known as the standard for aerial video production platforms. DJI Innovations offer a range of mid to high-end aerial video platforms and specialize in GPS First Person View drones. The Phantom Series are built for commercial photography and videography.  They did drop their prices with the latest DJI Phantom FC40 drone bringing them within reach of the hobbyists market.

DJI Homepage: http://www.dji.com

Flying 3D

Flying 3D is another Chinese manufacturer of remote-controlled flying machines.  Thjey produce tiny micro quads for your kids and ful blown camera carrying GPS based quadcopter platforms such as the popular FLYING3D Quadcopter X8 with GPS positioning.

Flying 3D Homepage: http://en.flying3d.cn


Hubsan is almost a household name in the drone hobbyist arena.  Everywhere we searched, these devices popped up in some form. It’s recent addition, the Hubsan X4 drone series became and still is very popular.

Hubsan Homepage: http://www.hubsan.com


Jianjian Toys Co., Ltd. (JJRC) is another Chinese toy manufacturer making robots, toy guns and remote-controlled vehicles of all natures. They really have a very extensive collection of toys, the majority are remote-controlled in some way.

JJRC Homepage: http://www.jjrctoy.com


Parrot is the designer of the highly popular AR.Drone.  The de-facto standard for the hobbyists drone with integrated FPV system and copied by almost every other manufacturer around. They a number of ground based and flying based radio controlled devices mainly controlled using WiFi and a smartphones.

Parrot Homepage: http://www.parrot.com

Syma Toys

Syma Toys are located in the Chenghai District of Shantou, China. Syma Toys are a huge affair and designing, manufacturing and trading everything they produce. Syma is best known for its remote controlled helicopters, but the latest release was the incredibly popular Syma X5 drone with 6-Axis Gyro system and on-board HD camera.

Syma Homepage: http://www.symatoys.com


UDI RC Toys is a newer manufacturer but receiving good reviews for their products.  Also based in China the manufacture the entire line of radio controlled craft from cars and boats to helicopters and quadcopters.

UDI Homepage: http://www.udirc.com


Walkera is located in Guangzhou City, China. Walkera is a drone manufacturer offering a large selection of drones from the tiny QR Ladybird micro drone to the QR X800 GPS FPV professional Multi-Rotor.  They are probably the largest price and functional comparison to the DJI Phantom series, but can’t quiet compete with stability.

Walkera Homepage: http://www.walkera.com
Walkera US Homepage: http://www.iuasinc.com


WLToys belongs to Shantou Chenghai Weili Toys Industrial Co. Ltd., who have been producing remote controlled toys for many years. WLToys offers a complete range of remote controlled toys, and made some great beginner helicopters and drones. One of their most popular model is the WL303 GPS GoPro compatible drone.

WLToys Homepage: http://www.wlmodel.com


We hope this helps you out in your search for a new flying toy.  Be sure to check out our Choosing The Best Quadcopter Drone for Beginners or Kids guide we put together recently and stay tuned for more Quadcopter and Drone information.

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