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iPhone 6 gets boiled in Coca Cola

Why, oh why: iPhone 6 gets boiled in Coca Cola, because reasons

Destroying technology is a pretty depressing topic to discuss. You may remember that we got pretty riled up when the #BendGate saga started to go too far with people pointlessly destroying their Apple products (iPads included) just to prove that they did bend, and we may have caught wind of a similarly pointless destruction of an iPhone 6. The video in question shows what happens when a iPhone 6 gets boiled in Coca Cola, courtesy of Ukranian YouTuber, TechRax, who nonchalantly places a “brand new” iPhone 6 into a bubbling pan of Coke. Take a look at the video below if you can stomach it (excuse the horrible, horrible pun):

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 is completely destroyed in the process of essentially cooking it. Now, we’re not having a go at YouTubers like TechRax for doing these allegedly ‘extreme’ torture tests. In fact, some of them can have surprisingly enlightening, if impractical, outcomes – or at the very least in the case of RatedRR and Blendtec, visual impressive destruction. But when the tests go beyond drop tests and running devices over with a car, and simply destroys devices in inane ways, it starts to smack a little a of futility and a waste of resources.

That’s our opinion anyway: what do you think about these kinds of ‘extreme’ torture tests? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TIME

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  1. Totally agree. It makes absolutely no sense. Sometimes I wonder about the mental health of some of these people. Did they smash their toys or pull the wings of flies when they were children? But as far as bendgate goes, I wouldn’t put it in the same category. My wifes 6 plus warped in her handbag even with a protective official iPhone leather cover. Living where we are we were lucky to have strong consumer protection laws and she was able to get a refund and got a Note 4 instead. Turned out to be a lucky event as she loves it. There are a couple of hundred instances on oneofthenine.com (maybe more now) and most are genuine users. My wife’s phone is there somewhere!!