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X PlusOne Ariel Drone is Vertical Hovering and X-Wing Horizontal Speed King that goes 60 mph

The world is going drone crazy and every man and his dog is coming out with the next best Quadcopter. With companies such as Google working on their own projects and Amazon talking about using drones as a delivery mechanism, It’s understandable why.

There’s a new guy on the block called xCraft who have come up with a pretty cool looking Quadcopter that also acts a high speed forwarding flying X-Wing type vehicle.  Think X-Wings in Starwars.

The X PlusOne as it’s called, is now on Kickstarter and they are hoping to raise $50,000 to bring the X PlusOne to market.

The X PlusOne is a revolutionary hybrid drone that combines the ability for both stabilized hover and remarkably fast forward flight that could be used to perform high speed flyovers for some fairly dramatic video footage.

At its core the X PlusOne is a revolutionary hybrid.  It combines multi-rotor capabilities with high speed flight from its fixed wing.  The X PlusOne feels right at home hovering with the multi-rotors or skimming the treetops at blistering speeds!  According to xCraft, the X PlusOne can break the 100 km/h barrier.

The X PlusOne doesn’t just fly around looking great (although it does), it’s an aerial camera drone too!  The X PlusOne is offered with an array of filming apparatus.  From a simple mini DV camera to the action video standard GoPro.  As with any ariel video platform, they offer an optional stabilizing gimbal platform that allows silky smooth video.

When used in “Hover” mode, the X PlusOne performs perfectly smooth vertical take-off and landing.  The flick of a switch transforms the vertical flyer to turn on its side into “Cruise” mode allowing it to fly as speeds up to 60mph (100 km/h).

Want to see it in action?  Check out the video below:

I’m about to get started in the world of Quadcopter flying myself, so this was of great interest to me.  I recently wrote a quick beginners guide to choosing your first Quadcopter documenting some of the lessons I’ve learned in my search for the best beginners Quadcopter / Drone.  I personally chose the WL Toys V959 as a starting point to get used to flying Quadcopters without destroying something worth a few hundred dollars.

If we’ve peaked your interest, head over to the Kickstarter campaign page and pick one of the many packages available to support the market launch of the X PlusOne.  $479 will get you a ready to fly package that is fully assembled and includes a transmitter.

Source: Kickstarter | xCraft

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