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Battlefield 4 final stand

Confirmed: Battlefield 4 Final Stand is not the end of the road

There was a lot of speculation surrounding a possible sixth DLC (downloadable content) package for Battlefield 4. Much of it was fueled by a few clues in the Final Stand update that recently went public. The clue that causing the commotion was from a “Uprise” dogtag discovered in the Community Test Environment. According to Gamerant that tag is dedicated represents the company that makes Battlelog. While that would rule out the sixth installment being “Uprise” it doesn’t rule out Battlefield 4’s future.

A new post has been published to users Battlelog page giving little to no information about its future other than it has one. The title simply says “Battlefield 4 and the Road Ahead.” The company commends the help that users have given to them through the community Test Environment and that they had lots of fun with everyone. From there they offer up a small break with another big title plastered in the middle, “FINAL STAND IS NOT THE END” There in lies the good news. There will be more content coming for Battlefield 4. Exactly when and what that means is iffy at best.

Further down the announcement though they specifically request input on Battlefield classic maps. There has been lots of desires from veterans of the first person shooter to bring back more classic maps from previous titles to Battlefield 4. They really want your feedback on it and even have a survey for you to take to provide it. If I had to wager a bet, it is completely possible that at least one more update could come through that is solely focused on redoing classic maps. Bringing old feel to new technology with updated visuals and interactions. There is a lot of room to expand in that area and it would certainly, I would think, be a little easier to re-create previous maps than design and build all new ones.

We know Battlefield 5 is on the horizon for 2016 and Battlefield Hardline is quite a bit closer. Where do you think EA and Dice should take Battlefield 4 before they back off on the title? What maps would you love to see reimagined?

Source: Battlelog

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