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Black Friday sales show that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 by large margin

We’ve known for quite some time that the PS4 is leading the Xbox One in overall console sales since their debut over a year ago – the fact that Sony claims sales dominance with each passing quarter is probably a good indicator of this. However, Microsoft has most recently cut the Kinect out of its standard bundle and slashed its prices to the point where it now costs less than the PS4 for the first time. Add in America’s most frenetic shopping day of the year, Black Friday, and now you have the perfect situation where it’s possible that the Xbox One outsold the PS4, and as it turns out, it did and by a big margin too.

Xbox One outsold the PS4

As the infographic above shows, the Xbox One far and away won Black Friday sales with 53% of all console sales on that fateful day. Of notable significance is the fact that 90% of all these console purchases were made in bundles and that the three quarters of those polled said that the game included in the bundle influenced their decision.  So it might have been that the Xbox One was cheaper or simply happened to have better bundles, but whether it can continue this pace and dominance for a long period of time, even a month, remains to be seen.

Source: InfoScout via Polygon

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  1. That study from InfoScout is not a reliable source to proclaim that information. Note that InfoScout only surveys people using their app and that send scanned receipts.

    Also, they only have 180,000 on the survey. That doesn’t represent the USA market at all.

    I recommend to wait for official reports as NPD numbers.