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iron banner 2.0

Iron Banner 2.0 is going to descend on Destiny very soon

The first official Iron Banner event that graced Destiny didn’t go particularly smoothly. While it touted the ability to really get a feel for how effective your gear was (something that regular Crucible multiplayer negates), players who played during the Iron Banner did not find this at all, with low level characters still able to dominate just based on skill, with plenty of other sore points to say the least. Not one to ignore community advice (and berating), Bungie has gone and made some major changes for Iron Banner 2.0, which they say will begin very soon, potentially as soon as this week.

Among the many changes that have been instituted in the Iron Banner 2.0, Bungie has now made Iron Banner a level specific event, with a minimum level of 20 required to enter (though lower level characters can join as part of a Fireteam). Other notable changes include the addition of Iron Medallions which are awarded to the losing team – the first Iron Banner featured players leaving games when it was clear victory was out of reach, and introducing these Medallions, which can be traded in for reputation after a future match is won, should prevent the behaviour this time around.

For more details about all the changes going into Iron Banner 2.0, be sure to check out Bungie’s blog post here. Destiny is out now on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie via Joystiq


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