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GTA: San Andreas HD

Recently released GTA: San Andreas HD on Xbox 360 is actually a mobile port

One of the most beloved Rockstar games to date is GTA: San Andreas, and to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, Rockstar Games decided to release GTA: San Andreas HD on the Xbox 360, remastered for the last-gen console, or so we thought. It’s definitely not shabby looking, but at this point in the console’s life, we were expecting a little bit more in the graphical department, and the reason that’s the case is because GTA: San Andreas HD is actually a port of the game from the Android and iOS version.

The discovery was made by Digital Foundry who recently tested the Android version on NVIDIA Shield and found the new Xbox 360 version to be an almost exact copy of that version. In fact, Digital Foundry says that:

“Scaled up to 720p and beyond, even with the enhanced assets, it’s clear that the level of detail in the assets doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. The game wasn’t really designed to scale in this way and it shows.”

If true, this would explain the mobile-like cost of the new game which was available at launch for about $4. If anything, this news is more of a testament to mobile devices and how we hold in our hands versions of games that can feasibly pass off as “HD remasters”.

What do you think about GTA: San Andreas HD on Xbox 360 being a mobile port? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Eurogamer via VG247

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