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Battlefield 4 CTE

Battlefield 4 Premium Members on any Platform Can Access CTE on the PC

The Battlefield 4 CTE, Community Test Environment, is a location where EA and Dice are testing out various bug fixes, tweaks and even aspects of the next DLC, Final Stand. Previously the CTE was only available to Battlefield 4 Premium members who played on the PC. It would seem that it has changed recently to include all premium members across all platforms. There is a catch though, you still need a PC to get in and play on the test environment.

With that being said, everyone who has a premium membership on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One can download and access the CTE on their PC without having to buy the PC version of the game too. Your PC does need to be powerful enough to do some gaming on though. The process is pretty simple. Head over to the cte.battlelog.com/bf4/ webpage, login with your Origin account details, download the Origin PC client if you don’t already have it, and then install the CTE version of the game, which is free.

Pre-Release Battlefield 4 CTE

You will need to agree to some terms and conditions prior to getting the ball rolling. Most importantly, the CTE is geared towards helping to mold the Battlefield 4 game play. Currently the testing includes one new map a day from the upcoming Final Stand release along with various requests from EA that they want feedback on in the forums. Things like Game modes – Exploits or Flaws, Vehicle Load Outs, Vehicle Controls and Handling, HUD visibility against the snowy backgrounds and a bit more. If you don’t plan to help alert EA of issues and help make the next release stellar for every one, then you should probably hold off since space and servers are limited.

Get yourself clicking over to the CTE page and get to installing.



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