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Please Stop: #Bendgate returns, this time with the iPad Air 2

Ok, this is getting excessive now. By now, I’m sure most everyone has heard about #Bendgate, the controversy which tailed the release of Apple‘s first phablet smartphone, the iPhone 6 Plus. As the story goes, the iPhone 6 Plus is relatively easy to bend in a manner which can be done even barehanded. By now, that saga has somewhat died down, however #Bendgate has apparently reared its head again with Apple’s latest tablet release, the iPad Air 2.

As you can see, Marvin from Germany proves that the iPad Air 2, which measures a perilously thin 6.1mm thick, easily bends with a not entirely ridiculous amount of force exerted just with his hands.

At this point, I’d like to make a serious statement here – this is getting entirely out of hand. It may have been interesting, some might even say amusing, to the see the situation that Apple and the iPhone 6 Plus landed in during the early days of #Bendgate, however if this is going to lead to people attempting to bend and presumably break every one of Apple’s products as they release, this has gone too far. Arguments could be made that Sony’s 6.4mm thick Xperia Tablet Z2 didn’t bend so why shouldn’t Apple’s thinner and clearly inadequate device be tested to its limits?

The reality is that Apple will have tested its devices for the rigors of daily life, and the iPad Air 2, presumably a home and office device, should not have its purpose questioned simply because people have gone out of their way to destroy their devices. There may be a bone to pick with the iPhone 6 Plus as it designed to be carried around in the pocket, which increases the likelihood of bending, but this seems like somewhat of a moot point with the iPad Air 2. If you think differently, so be it, but I think for this saga to go any further is just a waste of resources. And this is coming from an avid Android supporter.

But enough of what I think – what do you think about #Bendgate version 2.0? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Phone Arena

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