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standalone microsoft xbox one kinect sensor

The standalone Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor is officially available now

It was said to be coming, and Microsoft has come good on its promise – the standalone Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor is now available for purchase from Amazon and the Microsoft online store for $149.99 USD. While the Xbox One’s portfolio of Kinect-intensive games is still a bit light, there are a few functions, such as video and voice commands, that make the Kinect a very intriguing accessory. Even having purchased a bundle without the Kinect in it, I myself am considering getting a standalone Kinect now just to try some of these features like voice commands and the face scanning that was recently advertised in NBA 2K15.

For those who like the gaming parts of the Kinect better, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft’s offer when it announced the standalone package still stands – each standalone Kinect will come with a digital code for Dance Central Spotlight, the latest game in the dance-centric game’s franchise and first on the next-gen console. Presumably Microsoft is going to continue investing in the accessory going forward, but we’re yet to really see great interest in making games compatible with it.

Will you be taking the plunge and getting standalone Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Sensor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: VG247

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