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Real or not real: Australian designer, Chris Jones, makes a mean CGI head

We always knew that computer generated imaging (CGI) technology would eventually reach a level where we wouldn’t be able to separate computer generated graphics from real life. Despite this, it’s still an awe-inspiring experience to actually see it in action. Australia designer, Chris Jones, has been working on CGI work for some time now and his latest exploits have him trying to replicate the human form, and the results are astounding. Check out this video demoing his CGI head, lovingly nicknamed “Ed”:

A trip right through Uncanny Valley, I’d say. You will have noticed the hand pop into the video briefly – that was one of Jones’ earlier works, “Mr Hand”, for whom the demo video is below:

You really get the sense that we’re almost at the point where we can perfectly replicate a human body, or really anything, in CGI, and Jones’ work has just showed us how close we really are. What amazes me the most are the little details of the eyes in the “Ed” video, like the pupils dilating after each blink. It’s exciting stuff, especially when independent designers are pushing the limits of realism – though it should be noted Jones had previously worked at Infogrames as a games artist. For more of Jones’ work, you can check out more on his blog located here.

Source: Chris Jones via news.com.au

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