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Elon Musk teases the Tesla Model D and ‘something else’ for announcement on Oct 9th

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, is very smart man, but has proven that he has a sense of humour too. In a recent interview, he claimed he wanted to call the Model III the Model E so that Tesla’s line-up would consist of the Model S, E and X. Yes, that’s right – real life’s Tony Stark is also childish and hilarious. So it’s almost poetic irony that Musk would tweet the following regarding the Tesla Model D‘s announcement:

The tweet set Twitter on fire, not only because Tesla was about the announce something new, but because of the unintentional suggestiveness of the tweet. Suffice to say Musk eventually realized the hilarity of the tweet and posted:

Besides opening the door to discussions on what the ‘something else’ Musk mentioned is – bets are on that it was the letter “V” – we’re excited to see what Tesla has in store for us come October 9th. Some have speculated that the Model D is going to be a budget sedan or a smaller Model X SUV, though others have suggested it may be at the other end of the spectrum and be a performance-driven Model S. Whatever the case, we’ll be finding out next week, though we have to say that we are so excited for the “D”.

What do you think the Tesla Model D is going to be? And what “something else” is Tesla going to announce? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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