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Destiny parody Twitter accounts

Destiny parody Twitter accounts make light of the game’s frustrations

Destiny has been out now for just over a week – that might seem like weeks for some – and plenty of players have already voiced their varied opinions. I’ll save my opinions for my review, but there appears to be a common point of frustration among most players centred around equipment and engrams after you reach level 20. As many of you know, once you reach the game’s ‘soft’ level cap of 20, you can increase your level further by acquiring more powerful gear with the “Light” attribute, a process which has turned out to be particularly gruelling, no matter the approach you take. Of course, there are some in the community who have a sense of humour about all of this, and have started their own Destiny parody Twitter accounts to give everyone a bit of a chuckle.

One of those is the @LegendaryEngram account, which assumes the persona of the rarest kind of unidentified item that one can find in Destiny. As many have already discovered, these legendary engrams can unlock fantastical items to make one drool, or unlock an item so pedestrian, you’ll feel like hurling your controller at the wall. Here are some gems:

Another parody account that has caught my eye is @TheCryptarch account which assumes the musing of The Cryptarch, an Awoken vendor on the Tower that everyone who has played Destiny will be well acquainted with – all unidentified items must go through The Cryptarch and as such has drawn the ire, deservedly or not, of the Destiny community. Here are some of his gems:

If you spot any other Destiny parody Twitter accounts, we’d love to hear about them.

Destiny is right out now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

Source: Polygon

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  1. Cryptarch guy kinda looks like a young Robin Williams.