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Microsoft event on September 30th likely to show off Windows 9

Microsoft has always had a traditionally bizarre, but repeatable, cycle when it comes to operating systems – Windows 98 to Windows XP, Windows Vista to Windows 7 – disappointing Windows releases are often followed up soon after by an operating system that fixes everything that was wrong with its predecessor. Windows 8 has yet to have this successor after it suffered indifference and criticism over its initial release; while the Windows 8.1 update addressed many issues, the stigma with Windows 8 may be too great for it to succeed going forward. That’s where Windows 9 comes in.

Windows 9 is expected to succeed Window 8 and fix all its indiscretions, and while Windows 9 is not expected to be released till 2015 sometime, Microsoft looks like it is gearing up for some kind of Windows-related event on September 30th (invite shown above) in San Francisco and the main attraction is rumoured to be a glimpse at Windows 9. Whether this is actually the case, or Microsoft will simply announce other updates or news remains to be see, but it would definitely be nice to see what Microsoft has in store for us.

What do you think the September 30th event will announce? Are you a fan of Windows 8, or are you waiting for the next Windows? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Source: The Verge via Phone Arena

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