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Bungie outlines Destiny content to come over the next two months

Bungie weren’t kidding when they said full reviews for Destiny in the first few weeks weren’t going encompass all that Destiny has to offer. As part of their plan to make Destiny a constantly rich and replenishing game, Bungie has outlined the Destiny content that is going to be coming in the next two months, with some of the events starting as soon as this weekend. The events include Crucible events, the start of raids in Destiny as well as teasing what looks like more Crucible events and some additional story events to round out September. October is going to see another Iron Banner event, which some people would have experienced during the Beta. Check out the full infographic Bungie posted:

Destiny content
Community manager, Deej, also mentions that new vendors will arrive at the Tower to sell you different gear, and that there will new bounties that sound ominously unobtainable. As expected with the announced events, there will be Public Events that will appear on the Destinations map, so keep an eye out for things to start popping up around the galaxy.

Destiny is out now for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4.

What do you think about Bungie’s plans for Destiny over the next few months?

Source: Bungie

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