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Battlefield 4 ‘Final Stand’ teaser video shows off maps, a hover tank and secret bases in the Mountains

Since the launch of Battlefield 4 we have seen 4 of the DLC packages make their way to consumers. The most recent was Dragons Teeth. With that expansion players found four new game maps, a new game mode and the R.A.W.R. The final DLC planned for Battlefield 4 is Final Stand. Earlier leaks and chatter have pegged it for an October release, but the Battlefield website continues to keep it listed as a TBD (to be determined.) A ultra short, 9 second, teaser video went up on the Battlefield Facebook page with a line that reads, “Ready for the future?”



As you can see from their message, the full trailer was set to be released at 9 a.m. this morning and they delivered. Final Stand will take place in Russia on an Arctic landscape. The back story lets us know that the area is a scientific testing ground for weapons of the future. These leads us into the new prototype weapons and vehicles that will grace the final expansion. Yes, there will be a rail-gun that fires a single round of powerful kinetic energy. The rail gun will be a battle pick-up, much like the R.A.W.R. is, that just means it isn’t one you can add to your  loadout, rather it is one you find on the map for use. EA also teases towards a new hover tank prototype that uses eight experimental jet propulsion jet engines to nimbly navigate the landscape.

The associated video shows a bit more than they shared on the blog. For instance, the map names are as follows; Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead, Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21. You get to see a small glimpse of each new map and even the hover tank. They don’t get into any details on weapons that you can earn, a launch date or the crazy drone seen in the Battlefield 4 Premium video. Guess we will just have to wait for the for them to let us in on the surprises they have up their sleeves.

Those are just the tidbits that EA pushed out via the Battlefield Blog this morning. To help ensure the success of Final Stand, EA is doing something a little different from what they usually do. Utilizing their successful CTE (community test environment, they will push one map a day to player to try out. Player slots and servers will be very limited, so not everyone that is part of the CTE will get a chance to get involved.

What are your thoughts on what we know about Battlefield 4 Final Stand?






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