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MSN Messenger

A eulogy for MSN Messenger: IM chat service to be shuttered in October

During my younger years, I used MSN Messenger a lot. It was what everyone used, and it was oh-so-hard to eventually make the change to Google Talk. The instant messaging service was so engrained in our lives back then that many of us still can’t get that generic message tone out of our heads. While the service has been phasing out all over the world for some time now and users being switched to Skype, it has been kept running in China due to its popularity there. Even that extra tenure is now going to end after Microsoft started emailing users about the coming demise of MSN Messenger, offering them $2 worth of Skype coupons to stay with Microsoft’s solution rather than migrating to other Chinese messaging services by Tencent, Netease or Sina.

MSN Messenger
MSN Messenger’s final day is going to be October 31st. That will end Messenger’s 15 year run, and although many of us stopped using it many moons ago, I think quite a few of us will have memories (whether good or bad) of the outgoing service.

What are your fondest memories of the instant messaging service, MSN Messenger. Let us know yours in the comments below.

Source: Technode via engadget

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