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Shadow Realms EA BioWare Alpha signup

Alpha sign-ups live for Shadow Realms title from BioWare and EA

Have you been chosen? Apparently we all have. I have seen a number of those emails hit my inbox with some short live action video clips of various things aimed at teasing for an upcoming title from BioWare and EA. They live streamed the event on Twitch TV at 7 a.m-ish PST, but I missed it sadly. However, the live action trailer is up for your viewing pleasure, not that it shows much of anything too entice you as to how the game will play out though.

Shadow Realms is a new 4v1 stroy-driven online action RPG style game with dynamic co-op missions in a constantly evolving BioWare world.

BioWare RPGs have successfully replicated many of the things that made classic tabletop games fun: powerful storytelling, being able to create your own character, leveling-up that hero to achieve the heights of fantasy power, and tactical combat against a fantastic array of monsters. But the stories always come to an end and AI systems can’t replace the creativity of a human Dungeon Master.

Shadow Realms offers up a multitude of classes to choose from. Like your traditional Warrior, Assassin, Wizard, Cleric, Ranger, Warlock and Shadowlord. Each with its own unique powers, skills and abilities. The game will really be driven by teams and cooperation among friends who are out to take on the Shadowlord, the Demonic Shadow Legion and save humanity.

If you are curious about the game and want to get in on the alpha for it, you can sign up now. You will need an EA Origins account to register and they say invitations will be going out in the coming weeks. Head over to ShadowRealms.com to sign up and read up a bit on the upcoming game.


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