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Battlefield Hardline

12 minute video of Battlefield Hardline single player shows its Potential

Battlefield Hardline has been under fire since the initial beta for PC players went out back in June. People went on a rampage asking why it wasn’t going to be a lower price tag expansion, or DLC, for Battlefield 4. The beta was simply a look at two game modes for the online multiplayer aspect of the game. It did look and feel a lot like Battlefield 4, with a few twists. I Liked it, but I can see why the whole debate got started. Why on earth would you, or I, want to spend $70 for a game that really wasn’t all that much different from what we are already playing. Simple, the multiplayer aspect will be a big part of the title, but it is the single player campaign that is quit a bit different from any Battlefield game. In the following 12 minute in-game footage below, you will see that Battlefield Hardline has some serious potential on the campaign front.

I don’t play a heck of a lot of games, but watching the in-game footage gives me a bit of a Metal Gear Solid 5 meets Hit Man meets Battlefield feel. You have an open world environment to make your choices on how to proceeded that gives you a different approach per player. Those who are all about running and gunning can start killing. Those who like the sneak around and do things a little quieter will have their time too. It seems to have a good story and a good mix of action and steal options available. At least, that’s what the footage shows. I will be keeping my eyes on it and probably spend the money once it has launched and we see more of the overall game.

What are your thoughts now that you have seen some of the gameplay that you can expect from the single player campaign side of Battlefield Hardline? Are you a little more interested now?


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  1. You have my attention EA. Looks like it could be a good far cry 3 cclone in a different part of the world. Here’s to hoping.