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UtechSmart Venus MMO Mouse

Thoughts and video look at the UtechSmart Venus 16400 DPI MMO gaming mouse

It was only recently, in the last few months, that I finally found myself in a position to start looking beyond Android and start playing about with PC games, software and hardware. In the realm of PC gaming one needs hardware beyond the typical processor, RAM and graphics card. While those components, and a few others, give you the ability to game, your gaming experience and effectiveness can still lack tremendously without some additional components. Especially if you aren’t the greatest PC gamer as is. One such item that should be on your list of ‘must haves’ if you are a new gamer, or one just looking to improve their experience, is a gaming mouse.

UtechSmart Venus Laser Precision Gaming Mouse (2)

I was able to take my first official gaming mouse for a spin over the last couple of months and can honestly say that it does make a huge difference in my gaming ability and my gaming enjoyment. The mouse in question is the UtechSmart Venus MMO gaming mouse. The Venus offers up 19 programmable buttons, 8 counter weights, 5 user defined profiles and quite a bit more. The real win behind the mouse is the quick up and down buttons to change the DPI (dots per inch) setting on the fly without needing to open up any software. In simple terms, with a low DPI your mouse will travel father to move across your screen. With a higher DPI setting you travel very little and cover lots of screen distance. Say you have  22-in monitor and you have to move your mouse 1-3 inches across your desktop to move from one side to the other. That would be a lower DPI setting. With a higher DPI setting you can move 1 – 3 centimeters and move from one side of the screen to the other. It is very effective for games that require a lot of mouse movements, and even jobs where you use the mouse to navigate often. The less distance you have to travel, the less strain on your wrist and the longer you can play without fatigue. All of this is important when talking about the Venus because you have 5 DPI settings that you can set and control directly on the mouse. You can set it all the way down at 50 DPI and go as far as 16400 DPI. The latter being a bit much for general use, however having it scalable during play can give you a tactical advantage. For instance, if you have played Battlefield 4 then you know that getting into a tank or behind a rail gun on a ship you need to be able to turn that gun or turret quickly. The Venus will let you scale up with a couple clicks to achieve that speed and then you can drop back down when you are on foot.

Rather than babble on too much, I felt that a gaming mouse review would be better suited with some video than just some images and reading. So take a watch of my little video where I go over the mouse, the mouse software and you can see it all in action a little.

I can easily say that my gaming experience, kill/death ratio and ability to play has improved dramatically since making the switch from my stock Logitech M510 wireless mouse. There are a few little things that I am not to terribly fond of though. For instance the profiles being the only way to change the color wheel color. I also am not super ecstatic about the 12 number buttons on the side. The travel distance for my thumb is just fine, meaning I can get from 1 to 12 pretty easily. I do however have small hands and stubby thumbs. You also don’t feel much of a ‘click’ when you press it. Sometimes you might find yourself fumbling to hit the button again.

Being my first gaming mouse and first experience, I was rather pleased. I can see how one could get carried away with higher-end and much more expensive gear if it works for them. I couldn’t justify spending $80 – $120 on a mouse to game myself, but he UtechSMart Venus won’t set you back that much. With all that it can do, it is a great mouse for those that might just be getting started into the world of gaming mice and PC gaming. Best of all, it is only $39.99. Heck, we spend more than that on one game. If you feel like snagging one to give it a try, hit the Amazon link below.

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