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Xbox One helps boost Microsoft’s console revenue by 14%

It wasn’t that long ago that it was rumoured Microsoft was trying to find a way of offloading its console business. The Xbox 360 was especially costly, allegedly losing the tech giant around $2 billion annually. The Xbox One’s existence is therefore somewhat of a miracle, though this time, it appears the company’s investment has paid off.

Microsoft has reported that its games-related revenue has increased by $104 million, or 14%. This was almost the same increase that Microsoft’s revenue as a whole saw, jumping 17.7% to $23.4 billion in the quarter just passed. This jump in console revenue was helped in large part by Microsoft shipping 1.1 million consoles in the quarter, which included Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Surface units, which is 10% more than was shipped exactly one year ago. It also hasn’t hurt that Microsoft has removed the Kinect as a mandatory part of the Xbox One console bundle, which has boosted sales significantly.

With the biggest game titles of the year still to come, console sales as a whole can only expect to continue to rise, particularly for the Xbox One, with NPD reporting a 106% increase in console hardware sales even in June.

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Source: Microsoft via Joystiq

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