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Steam Controller

Valve’s highly anticipated Steam Controller grows a thumbstick

The humble game controller has seen precious little innovation over the last 10 years, but Valve’s Steam Controller has recently shown itself to be a shining beacon of change. Sporting two touchpads, where traditional thumbsticks usually are, the controller is a breath of fresh design and has intrigued the gaming community with how it might be to use.

Valve has been tinkering with the design over the last few months, adding buttons, and has just announced yet another change via its Twitter account, the design of which you can see above. If you have been following the controller’s progress, you will notice this new design has replaced the 4 directional buttons with a thumbstick; the previous design is below for comparison.

Steam Controller

Presumably Valve is making these updates based on feedback, but we can definitely see how a thumbstick would be more useful than a directional pad. Having said that though, a D-pad is exceptional for precise, discrete movements, something the Steam Controller now lacks, but we’ve yet to see how it actually performs in a game.

What do you think about the Steam Controller’s latest design? Do you think it’s getting a bit too familiar, or is it still different enough? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Twitter via engadget

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