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Makoto Azuma’s ‘EXOBIOTANICA’ project puts a bonsai on the edge of space

Have you ever seen a bonsai plant on the edge of space? Well, thanks to Japanese artist, Makoto Azuma, now you can. As part of his EXOBIOTANICA project, Azuma worked with JP Aerospace to launch various types of flora, including a bonsai tree, with helium space balloons. A specially built rig took pictures of the featured plants on its journey into the heavens, and the results are stunning; we have a few choice pictures below, but you can check out the full gallery at Azuma’s website here:


The starting point for the project was Black Rock desert in Nevada where the balloons were launched. It’s truly awe-inspiring stuff; I could never get tired of seeing photos of the Earth from space.

What do you think about the photos taken during EXOBIOTANICA?

Source: AMKK via engadget

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