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gigantic by motiga

Gigantic by Motiga is a free-to-play, team action game with one massive difference

Sometimes I wonder how we keep up with new games being released every week. To stand out, a game has to look pretty special, and Gigantic by Motiga ticks all the right boxes so far. Announced yesterday by developer Motiga, Gigantic is a new team action game where you form a team of five to battle another team of five. Sound familiar? Well, that’s where the similarities end because both teams will have one big difference. That ‘difference’ is a powerful, five-storey Guardian who is to be protected by their own team to win the game. Check out Gigantic‘s first trailer to see a sneak peek of what’s to come:

If the short snippets from the trailer are anything to go by, the art design in Gigantic is absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful, and the gameplay looks to be taking a third-person shooter approach to things. With the free-to-play game expected to arrive in 2015 on PC, and Motiga receiving a fresh $20 million in funding, I think it’s safe to say Gigantic might just be a game to get excited for this year. Oh, and did we mention that Motiga is headed up by Starcraft  and Guild Wars lead designer, James Phinney? Yeah, get excited. Be sure to check out a few more of the screenshots from the game below.

Gigantic by Motiga Gigantic by Motiga Gigantic by Motiga

Are you intrigued by what you see in Gigantic by Motiga so far? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Kotaku Australia, Games Industry

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