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Run and hide: Boston Dynamics’ AlphaDog has a day in the field with the US Marine Corp

Boston Dynamics has had a remarkable run in the past year, which probably climaxed with its acquisition by Google last December. If you aren’t aware, Boston Dynamics is a robotics company at the forefront of creating four-legged machines that can incite awe and fear simultaneously. Their most famously publicized project has been BigDog, a project subsidized by DARPA itself to create a pack mule for America’s armed forces that is able to access terrain that traditional vehicles might have difficulty traversing. AlphaDog, or LS3, is that militarized version of BigDog, and recently had its first day in the field with the US Marine Corp:

As you can see, AlphaDog does a pretty good job on most of the terrain that was there, even wading through the tall grass, and you can really see the benefit of having a means of resupply that can access most of what humans can. That said, it’s early days still and it’s not exactly going to be used in heavy conflicts anytime soon as it still seems quite fragile, but with some additional armour, it could definitely serve as an asset to the armed forces sooner rather than later. Somehow, though, I can’t help but picture AlphaDog with a Gatling gun strapped to its back…

What do you think of AlphaDog’s application in the field with the US Marine Corp? Let us know your opinion.

Source: DVIDS via engadget

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