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Tesla Model S crashed

Oh dear: Tesla Model S crashed at Tesla dealership shortly after being picked up

Of all the things to do when picking up your brand new Tesla Model S, I’m assuming “driving it carefully” is probably right at the top of the list. Well, the above image has inexplicably greeted Reddit user, s1lentway, as he visited a Tesla dealership yesterday. In the words of s1lentway:

“Just a little context. We believe this is someone who just got their car. They must have been driving it for less than a minute and lost control, crashing right into the sign missing the show room glass windows only by a few inches. Not the way you want to start out driving a brand new $70K + car that took a few months to make for you.”

This rather unusual accident comes just days after the first ever driver fatality in a Model S was recorded. And while there may be a little more to the story here than meets the eye, and despite the fact that Tesla does everything thing in their power to make the car safe, efficient and user friendly, it really does seem like the biggest danger to the Model S are potentially the people who drive them.

What do you think about this latest kerfuffle? Let us know your thoughts on this photo in the comments below.

Source: Reddit via Jalopnik

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  1. If you’ve ever driven a Tesla you could see how this may happen. When you accelerate in an electric supercar, the power is instantly there. If your not used to it, it could take you by surprise, although not enough to cause this. LOL