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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC lands tomorrow, are you Ready?

EA and Dice have been under a lot of fire since the release of Battlefield 4. Lots of things were broken and didn’t work out as well as they should have. Many of the more, I call hardcore, gamer’s out there made it widely known and some even refused to play until it was fixed. Over the last few months they have released a number of fixes that have drastically improved in the game-play experience and have brought back a lot of players. Some of that is thanks to the CTE (Community Test Environment) program that they initiated not to long ago. Where Premium members could join up in a test environment to help solve issues and fix others prior to the next DLC (Downloadable Content) package. The next big DLC to come out for Battlefield 4 is Dragon’s Teeth, which will be the next to last set of maps and updates slated for the game this year. The final one being ‘Last Stand’.

Dragon’s Teeth is scheduled to launch tomorrow, July 15tt. Hopefully this launch won’t be as riddled with issues as past launches have. If you are a fan of Battlefield 4 then I am sure you all know what the new maps are.

  • Lumphini GardensIt is set in Lumphini Park, a 142-acre park in Bangkok, Thailand. The main levolution event is a mudslide that can sweep away and kill players, as well as transforming appearance of the map.
  • Pearl Market: A map that places you in a tight-fitting downtown market place with plenty of building and alley ways. It will be a very fast paced and close quarter combat map where hanging back isn’t really all that possible.
  • Propaganda: Set in Pyongyang, North Korea, this map is a bit more open with lots of open spaces and monuments. 
  • Sunken DragonThe map features flood gates as its main Levolution event, allowing players to open them and subsequently flood the map in a manner similar to Flood Zone.

I caught some of the Battlefield Twitch channel reveal this afternoon, but not all of it. The part I caught mentioned how Pearl Market has very minimal levolution. Focusing mainly on buildings getting holes blown in them and general destruction rather than massive map changing events. Similar story with Propaganda, with the main evolution event being the train that runs through the city.

The update will also bring along 4 new weapons for your killing pleasure.

Also you will find two new gadgets:

  • Ballistic Shield
  • R.A.W.R. (battle pickup) 

Don’t forget all the new assignments, 11 total, that have been added as well. The bronze assignments are the ones you will want to focus on first if you want to acquire the new weapons.

  • Big Splash: Rank 10, Play A dragon’s Teeth map, Activate the flood gates on Sunken Dragon and get 5 kills while swimming. Do all that and you get the UNICA 6.
  • Lions and Tigers and Bears: Kill 10 support enemies on foot while they are on foot, kill 10 engineers on foot while you are an assault class, kill 10 recon enemies on foot while you are also on foot as an assault class. Get through that and you get the Bulldog.
  • Not the Weakest Link: 2 PDW ribbons, link 10 points in Chainlink, get “squad order followed” 10 times. That will net you the MPX.
  • The “I” in Team: 2 Sniper riffle ribbons, 10 Radio Beacon spawns, 20 spot assists. Reward is the CS5.
  • Vanguard: 5 Savior Kills, 20 Suppression Assists, Destroy 3 explosives to gain the Ballistic Shield.
  • Recoil Kinetics: Complete the Big Splash assignment and get 20 headshots with the Unica 6 to earn the DEagle 44.

There are a couple other assignments to complete for a few dog tags and the basic all out badassdom of getting the cleverly acquired Phantom Initiate medal. I am sure that once the DLC officially drops that the super keen hardworking fans out there will figure that on out.

Phantom Initiate

I am pretty excited for the download personally. After playing as many hours as I could over the weekend during the double xp event, I am itching for some new maps and the new game mode, Chainlink. It should add some variety to the gameplay with a little more team play and tactics required for success. If all goes well, I will attempt to get some video footage of myself getting slaughtered on the new maps for you guys during the week.

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