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Tesla Model S

A high-speed Tesla car chase ends with first fatality in a Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S has so far had a perfect record of keeping its occupants out of harm’s way, however that streak came to an end after a stolen Model S became part of a high speed chase and crash which claimed the life of driver, Joshua Michael Flot. The crash occurred in Los Angeles this week after Flot allegedly stole the Model S from a Tesla service centre, was chased by police through the city, before crashing at high speed into two vehicles and subsequently hitting a steel pole, tearing the car in two. Flot was thrown from the vehicle and succumbed to his injuries from the crash, which also injured seven other people.

Tesla Model S

Above is a photograph taken of the crash scene. The crash was so intense that a fire was ignited within the Model S, which has reignited safety concerns with electric cars like the Model S, despite the fact Tesla added a titanium shield around the car’s battery without prompting after a safety review (which didn’t actually find any faults with the Model S). Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, defended the Model S, saying that the lack of fatalities since the car’s release and its ability to generally withstand crashes is a testament to its safety.

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Source: Bloomberg via Mashable

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  1. I think this is a pretty safe car. We cant blame Tesla for an idiot going high speeds and hitting a pole causing the car to catch on fire. That wouldve happened with a regular car. This being the first fatality in a Tesla really holds weight. That guy destroyed that car and if he wouldve lived ,sites wouldve talked about how “safe” the Tesla Model S is…

    • I agree. I think its no different to any other car, the only difference here is that’s its a supercar that is electric powered and its the first fatality. It doesn’t matter what car your driving, if you have a serious accident the only thing that’s going to make a difference is some kind of futuristic foam filling interior technology. We don’t have that yet 🙂