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Another win for home science DIY: Colin Furze’s Fart@France pulse jet is Complete

Colin Furze is a man who can only be described as a mad scientist. His latest project, Fart@France, is nothing short of ambitious; to create a pulse jet that when started in England, can be heard all the way across the English Channel in France. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if Furze weren’t know for other eccentric science projects like this:

And this:

And also this:

Furze has just uploaded a video detailing the completion of his pulse jet, a gargantuan hunk of metal that can barely be carried by a man, and for all intents and purposes looks like it’s going to fulfill its purpose in the Fart@France project. Check out the update below:

There’s still just over a week before the Fart@France is due to happen, before which a pair of giant, metal buttocks need to be created (for the pulse jet to poke through of course), as well as actually trying to start the pulse jet itself. I’m sure we’ve all dreamed of being a mad scientist at one time or another, but naturally it’s not an option for most of us; Furze’s YouTube channel is in many ways our proxy to this world of crazy engineering, and I have to say I enjoy every one of his videos. To follow Furze’s progress, be sure to subscribe to his channel here.

What do you think of Colin Furze’s crazy projects? Do you think Fart@France is going to succeed? Let us know what you think.

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