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Project Bluestreak

CliffyB names Project Bluestreak as Boss Key Productions’ first Project

We’ve been eagerly waiting to see what gamer favourite developer, Cliff Bleszinski, has lined up as his first project out of retirement after going on a two year hiatus. Yesterday, we found out that Bleszinski has actually registered a company in Raleigh, North Carolina, called Boss Key Productions. There’s no doubt that this is the studio that will be producing Bleszinski’s new games, whose employees currently include just Bleszinski and Jazz Jackrabbit collaborator, Arjan Brusee, the latter of which is also co-founder of Guerilla Games who made the Killzone games. Right on cue, Bleszinski has today announced on his Twitter account that his new game is codenamed ‘Project Bluestreak‘, and will be a free-to-play, Sci-Fi, PC arena shooter.

The ‘Nexon’ that Bleszinski refers to us actually Nexon America, a publisher who has bought a minority stake in the newly formed Boss Key Productions. For its early bird investment, Nexon will get exclusive rights to publish and market the final form of Project Bluestreak. Bleszinski also mentions in his tweets that Project Bluestreak will be ‘transparently’ developed in real time, presumably much like how many Kickstarter projects provide updates on their progress at (generally) regular intervals. This is definitely something new to the game development scene, and we’re glad that CliffyB is already making waves so soon.

What do you think about Boss Key’s new project? Are you interested to see how Project Bluestreak turns out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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