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1TB of cloud backup and storage with DrivePop for $39; For a lifetime!

If you are in the need for more cloud storage, or a larger amount for personal backup purposes, then you might find this deal a bit interesting. Stacksocial has a deal for 1TB of cloud backup with DrivePop for $39.99. Typically we might see that be a yearly price tag, but it would seem that is a lifetime license for 1TB of cloud access. That certainly tickles our pocket books.


  • DrivePop Lifetime Account with 1 TB of Cloud Backup – Plenty of storage for you and your family (unlimited space upgrade available if needed)
  • Automatic Backups – Runs silently in the background, backing up and uploading your data 100% automatically to the cloud
  • Worldwide Cloud – Back up from anywhere in the world with no bandwidth restrictions
  • Military-Grade Security – All files are transferred and stored using 256 AESencryption
  • Streaming Media – Upload your photos, music, and videos and view them anywhere on any device

Seems like a pretty good set-up for the price. Stacksocial has the price tag at $39 with the normal retail being $799 for a lifetime, that makes it 95% off retail. To get a closer look, or to go grab the deal, bounce yourself over to the StackSocial DrivePop promotion page. It is only going to be available for the next 14-day, so don’t dilly dally.

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