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Transformers Universe open beta

Test Your Metal: Transformers Universe open beta has now Begun

While the Transformers franchise is certainly one that elicits the incredible amounts of excitement from its fans, there still hasn’t been a definitive video game that truly represents what we’d expect robot-on-robot combat to look and feel like. Transformers Universe is the latest effort to subvert this stereotype, which is being developed by Runescape developer, Jagex, who started off trying to make it into a MMORPG, but ended up redesigning it as something that more closely resembles a MOBA. The game has been in closed beta since March, and since then almost 2 million battles have occured, which seems to be a good sign, and the better news is that the Transformers Universe open beta has now begun.

Transformers Universe open beta

If you’re interested in checking out the open beta, you can sign up on their official site here. While it’s going to be hard for players just joining the game to keep pace with those who have played for a long time, new players will benefit from double XP this weekend. If you want a better idea of how Transformers Universe is actually going to play, you can check out one of their gameplay videos below:

While it doesn’t look like the game is doing anything groundbreaking with graphics or realism, hopefully this is made up by the gameplay. Has anyone been playing the Transformers Universe open beta? What are your thoughts on the game?

Source: Transformers Universe via VG247

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