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Steel Avengers iOS and Android MMO Game Featured

Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising MMO Coming to iOS and Android July 15th

There’s no shortage of Mobile MMO games available today, and they just keep coming.  Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising is a new game about to be released from Koramgame Ltd.  There was no sign of information on the companies web site, but check back after the release date to find more details.  You can also check for more games from Koramgame on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.  You will find information on the Google Play Store for the closed beta test program.  Not sure how long this has been going on or how to get involved.  If we can find more details, we’ll be sure to let you know.

In Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising, players take on the role of a commander who must create a new world where everyone can live in peace following the destruction of the Earth by a meteor shower. However, that is only possible with the right resources and a powerful army of tanks. In the classic build-and-conquer strategy system, players must establish a base, build command centers and research facilities, and gather resources. More resources mean more production and capacity for building and upgrading powerful tanks. In order to be able to stand against enemy tank groups, players can join with others and form strong alliances. Of course, the focus is on expanding one’s own territory. If your tank force is large enough, you can attack other players and defeat them in epic battles. This is where strategists and fans of PvP will really get their money’s worth, because the various attack and defense formations provide tactical variety and game depth. Thanks to the chat system, attacks can be optimally coordinated and the enemy can be bombed back into the Stone Age.


Game features will include:

  • Classic build-and-conquer strategy game
  • 11 different buildings with upgrade options
  • 29 different technologies to research
  • Exciting PvE story: 11 chapters and 176 combat zones
  • Extensive PVP mode
  • Server PvP rankings
  • Strategic advantages thanks to dynamic combat formations
  • Alliance system with chat mode
  • Achievement system


Check out the trailer video below:



If you want to get ahead of the game, head over and register for the Pioneer Program ahead of time via Facebook in order to secure a limited tank and resources.

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