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100 most active Ara Scouts will begin beta testing real Project Ara Devices

Project Ara is the modular phone that aims to take the smartphone world to all new heights, eventually. The principal is basic, buy what you want and upgrade as you go along. All the parts are independent of each other and allow you to swap out for, say, a better camera or more RAM. Kind of how we do with computers, only with a smartphone and all without having to open up the device. At Google I/O Google showed off the first booting prototype of Project Ara, and now it looks as though they are moving forward with their previous promise that 100 people would be getting one to beta test.

Since October 2013, over 90,000 have signed up to make Project Ara a reality. Your passion and creativity were — and are — instrumental in turning an idea into a product. As promised, the 100 most active Ara scouts will be among the first to receive a phone — gratis. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Congrats to those lucky 100 Ara Scouts that were busy participating in the Scout program and thank you for helping Google move this forward. They don’t mention when the devices will be shipping out, but there is a small mention at the bottom of the list that states, ” Over the next 8 months, Google will continue to refine the Ara prototype. When it ships, we’ll need your feedback and advice once more.” That leads me to believe that they will be shipping out 8 months from now, so, sometime in March of 2015. With the bootable prototype, not all that functional, making its appearance at Google I/O it would make sense that it is still a ways off from hitting beta testers.

Any of you happen to be on that list? Can you shed any light on the subject? We are sure you got notified that you are one of the lucky 100.

Source: dscout via 9to5Google

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