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Lost your charging cables! Not to worry, Revocharge has your back

There’s a new charging solution in town called Revocharge and it has a long list of advantages that are sure to please you all.  Revocharge is an all in one power and sync solution for iPhones and Android phones that has multiple mount configurations and a universal battery system.  Claiming to be the most advanced wireless charging and sync available.

Revocharge was added recently to Kickstarter with campaign goal of $100,000 and with 25 days to go, they currently have $2,495.  Want to help out and get yourself some cool charging gear?  Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign site.

Revocharge Competition Comparison

With configurations available for desktop docking and vehicle docking, they are covering all their bases.  With a patent-pending smart phone case that magnetically attaches your phone to any of the various docking options they have available.  Charging is simple and more efficient than traditional charging solutions.  The initial launch products are geared at the iPhone 5/5S and the Samsung Galaxy S5.  they even mention the iPhone 6 will be supported as soon as its available.

Take a look at the campaign introduction video below:


Driven by the frustration of his phone running out of battery at a family wedding, Revocharge creator Cemal Samsilova decided he wanted to create a solution to his battery problems that he could share with the world. He decided that his smartphone took good enough photos that he didn’t need to bring his own camera with him, until he lost power half way through the wedding and missed his opportunity.

As long as they can keep the extra bulk down to a minimum, Revocharge has a chance, but nobody want to increase the size of their phone, at least not by much.

Time will tell, but the project looks very interesting.  Faster charging and extra power are always a good thing.

Head over to Kickstarter and give them your support.

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