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Oh so true: The Call of Duty Honest Game Trailer tells it like it Is

Call of Duty is one of the most famous game franchises in the world, and despite critics taking issue with several of its more recent games, has consistently churned out a game year after year to astounding sales. The Call of Duty series arguably shot to global prominence after Infinity Ward took the reigns and produced Call of Duty Modern Warfare, a game that epitomized intense war gameplay and has set the tone for the 6 games that have followed it so far. Naturally then, Call of Duty has some pretty deep-seeded stereotypes associated with it that Smosh Games has made humorous light of in their Call of Duty Honest Game Trailer:

The Honest Game Trailer series is a spin-off of the Honest Trailers that are done by Screen Junkies, but as you can see, they are just as applicable to video games as they are for movies. Besides Call of Duty, the Honest Game Trailers have already also covered Portal, Final Fantasy VII, Mortal Kombat and lots more; be sure to check out Smosh Games’ YouTube channel to check out all their videos.

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