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The Ship: Complete Pack

Get ‘The Ship: Complete Pack’ for you and 2 victims… uh, friends for only $1

What happens when a group of people get stuck on a boat for long periods of time? Well, they start killing each other of course. What better premise for a multiplayer video game like The Ship, a game created by Outerlight using Valve’s wonderfully robust Source engine way back in 2006. The best thing about the game, for at least another 3 days, is that you can get The Ship: Complete Pack for just one dollar, and as a bonus, you will get 2 additional game keys to gift to your gaming buddies. If you need a bit more of an introduction to the game, check out the video below of the venerable YouTuber, Nerd³, playing The Ship:

As you can see, the game is a wonderful cacophony of ‘hunt or be hunted’ paranoia that is only accentuated by Nerd³’s hilarious commentary. Surprisingly, there is actually a story to The Ship; The Ship is owned by the mysterious Mr. X who gives away free tickets for people to ride aboard his luxury ship. Naturally, there is a catch, as Mr. X sets the Ship’s passengers on each other in a Hunt that will kill you if you don’t kill others first.

While your $1 purchase intuitively only gives you 2 additional game keys, people who have bought it are reporting that once your buddies activate their game keys, they also gain an additional game key to gift as well, which gives you a total of 5 possible keys per $1 purchase. To take advantage of this great deal, visit the Bundle Stars website here.

Have you played The Ship before? If so, how did you find it?

Source: Bundle Stars

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