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ChargeAll Indiegogo Portable Power Outlet Curling Iron

Worlds Smallest Portable Power Outlet from ChargeAll Goes Live on IndieGoGo

In the mobile tech world there are a few things that we all see. Draining batteries. Smartphones have a plethora of external battery banks that you can pick up to help keep you charged up on the go, but other devices, like laptops, don’t always have a simple solution. When you are traveling and you see the low battery warning you are kind of out of luck unless there is a wall outlet close at hand. A reputable company, ChargeAll, is looking to rectify that situation with a new IndieGoGo campaign for what they are calling the worlds smallest power outlet.

ChargeAll Worlds Smallest portable Power Outlet

Yes, it looks pretty large, but the specs and what it is/can do makes its size a necessary evil currently. Physical measurements come in at 6 x 4 x 1 inches, which isn’t all that terrible. Mind you, that is the smaller, more portable version. ChargeAll has two versions on the list. The smaller one, as seen above, which carries 12,000 mAh. The second is larger measuring in at 7.5 x 5.25 x 1 inches and packs a whopping 18,000 mAh.

Both units have a single outlet, like the one you find in your home. The 12,000 mAh offers one USB output and the 18,000 mAh offers 2 USB outlets.

The campaign page shows off a few alternative uses for the devices other than charging our phones, tablets and laptops on the go. With the power outlet being just like the one in your house, you can easily use it for a curling iron, your wife would probably appreciate that, or even for a lamp for some light while camping. Really, anything that you would normally need a wall outlet for, you could use the ChargeAll Portable Power and give it the juice it needs anywhere.

This is an IndieGoGo campaign, so purchasing yours now will save you some bucks and get you some perks. The smaller version, the Portable as they call it, comes in at $99 for the first 500 on the early bird special. Then it moves to $109 for the Trend Setter which also only has 500 available. If you miss both of those opportunities then you are looking at $119. The actually price after the campaign ends is being listed as $150.

If you want the more heavy duty 18,000 mAh version, then you are looking at $139, $149, and then $159 with a full retail price tag being $179.

ChargeAll is looking to raise a meager $30,000 on this campaign with stretch goals at $100K, $150K and $200K.

If this looks like a project that you would like to get involved in, then point your browser over to the ChargeAll IndieGoGo campaign page for more information and to make your pledge today.

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