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Microsoft Games with Gold for June 16th 2014 [UPDATED]

Time for the latest and greatest freebies from Microsoft in the Microsoft Games with Gold release for June 16th 2014.  don’t forget to check back on the 1st and 16th of every month if you have a Microsoft XBox Live Gold membership and download your free games.  The free game today appears to be having issues so good luck trying to get them for yourself.  Every time I try to purchase it, I get a nice little error page.  Let’s hope they fix it before you try and download it for yourself.

The other disappointment is that there is only a single game available this round and its for the XBox 360.  Nothing has been released for the XBox One this time.  I’m guessing that’s due to the limited availability of content for the XBox One.  I’m pretty sure it’ll get better as time goes on.

So, what have they got in store for us for the XBox 360?


Charlie Murder

It’s a punk rock apocalypse! Team up with your friends to lead embattled punk rock band Charlie Murder in their epic quest to save the world from rival death metalers Gore Quaffer and their legions of evil. RPG it up as you hoard insane loot to buff your character, earn fans to unlock powerful finishers and teamup moves, and uncover mysterious relics of modern myth!

XBox 360 Charle Murder

Purchase from the Microsoft Store


UPDATE.. Another Game has been added…


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

Step into the ring with familiar characters like Ryu and Chun-Li or try your hand at new fighters. Jump straight into online matches directly from Arcade Mode with an all new online system that mimics the feel of the arcade by allowing other players to challenge you in real time. Show the world what kind of warrior you are!

XBox 360 Charle Murder

Purchase from the Microsoft Store


So what are you waiting for!! Head over to the Microsoft XBox online store and get these games right now for FREE.  Don’t forget to check back on the 1st and 16th of each month when we’ll give you the scoop on the latest free games downloads.

If you’re interested, we also have the complete list of Microsoft Games with Gold that have been released to date.

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