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Microsoft Release XBox One June Update. It’s a Good One!

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There was, and possibly still is a lot of disappointment around the home media center functionality available in the Microsoft XBox One. The home entertainment console that is supposed to control all your media as well as play games.  with that said, Microsoft are releasing plenty of updates that keep adding functionality and adding functionality that the community at large keep asking for.  we’ll see what happens over the coming months, but it does appear that Microsoft are listening to us and the latest June update just hitting your consoles adds some pretty cool stuff.



One of the biggest complaints has been around storage and load times.  Part of the June update adds support for up to two external USB 3 hard drives.  Beta testers of the June update have reported must faster load times using an external USB 3 drive.  The drive have to be USB 3 and need to have at least 256GB of space.  So this is not only going to help with the load times, but also the storage issues where peoples drives are filling up very quickly.

Games for Gold

Another plus is that inclusion of Games for Gold.  If you not aware of what Games for Gold is, current XBox 360 user with Microsoft Live Gold subscriptions get access to two free games every month. On the 1st and 16th of every month Microsoft release a game you can download and keep for free.  Normally they are pretty good games as well.  the first round coming to XBox One allow subscribers to grab Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault for free and try out Hulu Plus free for three months.

xbox one max the curse of brotherhood



Automatic Logon

Automatic sign on has also been updated allowing you to setup your XBox One to sign into your account even if you don’t have the Kinect available to see who you are.


Real Names

Microsoft previously stated they would allow real names to be shared online, and they’ve followed through on this promise.  With the June update you’ll be able to show your real name to your friends.  In fact, you’ll be able to control who can see your real name in a pretty granular fashion.  You can change between showing your personal info to everyone, friends of your friends, just friends, a subset of friends, or no one at all. Pretty cool huh.

There are a number of other features added that allowing controlling of your DVR through your SmartGlass app and TV Guide support has gone international supporting, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.  The I.R Blaster functions have been enhanced so lots of new command codes can be programmed.


If you want to read the entire list from Microsoft, here it is:

External storage now supported

  • Supports up to two external hard drives at once. Hard drives must be
    • USB 3.0
    • 256 GB or larger
  • Install, download, or transfer games and content to a portable HD for easy mobility between consoles.
  • Ability to manage content between internal and external storage

Friends update – Addition of real name sharing

  • You now have the ability to share your real name with:
    • All of your friends
    • A subset of the friends you choose to share with
    • Friends of friends
    • Or none at all if you want to keep your true identity a secret.

Xbox Live Gold Membership Area

  • A new hub that will allow you to access new content only available to gold members such as:
    • Games with Gold
    • Deals with Gold
    • Special announcements for Xbox Live Gold members,

Auto account sign-in

  • Identify one account per console to automatically sign-in upon start up.

Updated store twist

  • The store twist was redesigned to make it easier to find the content that you want.

TV and OneGuide updates

  • Updated IR command & control database to increase the number of devices Xbox One can control.
  • TV & OneGuide settings updated to provide better power management and control for devices.
  • Expand Premium TV to new markets
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • France
    • Germany
    • Spain
    • Italy


You can find information and instructions at the Xbox One Operating System and Version Update page.

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