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Plex for Xbox

Plex finds its way to Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Plex is without a doubt my favorite media serve application to date. The Plex team has apps across every major mobile platform, the major connected TV devices and even offers a dedicated Home Theater build if you have a PC set up on your TV as your media center. They work hard to implement new features, function and to bring the services to other devices that we all know and love. Today I am happy to announce that Plex is finally coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.   Don’t go freaking out just yet though. There are a few small details that you might want to know ahead of time. For instance, the Xbox One version of the application is available for immediate download as a preview for Plex Pass subscribers. Where as the Xbox 360 version of the app is not quite ready, but will be out soon ...

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Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 Featured

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 Wireless Speaker with Internet Radio Review

With the release of the Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker, bringing an all-in-one wireless speaker system to the general public with an almost portable format that still requires a power outlet.  The Cambridge  Audio Minx Go we previously reviewed was a completely portable speaker system with a rechargeable battery that was much smaller and easily mobile. Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 adds a plethora of connectivity options too with support for Airplay, Bluetooth and a built in internet radio player. It’s great to see a company showing support for so many different connection options instead of focusing on a single type of device.  With support as a standalone radio player and connected player for computers, Android and iOS devices, your choices are plenty. There’s a fair amount of competition in this area, especially in the Bluetooth section so we’ll see how it fares in operation.     The ...

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Darkwood Alpha on PC

My First Hour Playing: Darkwood Alpha on PC

I’m really not a fan of horror games, but there are a number of indie survival horror titles that have caught my eye of late. One of these was of course The Forest (which I reviewed here) and another has been Darkwood developed by Acid Wizard Studio. The thing in particular that drew my attention was its unique gameplay style: top-down with your character only able to see within a cone’s area in front of you. While you can ‘see’ the rest of the map while you’re not looking in that direction, things can invariably appear there when you aren’t looking, making for a very creepy, very frightening game. I was lucky enough to play Alpha 1.3 of Darkwood, and below are my thoughts of the game. The Story While the overall genre of Darkwood is survival horror, there is an underlying narrative to the game which I’ve yet to really figure ...

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GameStop Labor day sale

GameStop’s Labor Day Sale puts Assassin’s Creed IV, Battlefield 4 and others for under $15

Labor Day often ignites sales of all types. From cars, to beds, to electronics and games. Some sales are better than others, while other sales aren’t really sales at all. In the pursuit of the best deal out there, I came across a pretty stellar one at GameStop right now for digital download versions of some pretty hot PC titles. I haven’t personally seen Battlefield 4 or Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag below $19.99. While they are just for the main game and don’t include the DLC packages, it is still a pretty stellar deal to get you started while you wait for the additional content to hit new rock bottom prices. The list of games on sale for the Labor Day weekend tops out at 90 different titles. They have Far Cry for $7.49, Rocksmith 2014 for $14.99 and Tomb Raider for $4.99 to round out the top five ...

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Xbox Games with Gold

September’s Xbox Games with Gold keeps the free gaming coming

The end of the month is quickly becoming one of my favourite times as Microsoft reveals what games it is going to be offering on its ongoing Xbox Games with Gold program. Last month we got gems like Dishonored and Strike Suit Zero, and it looks like we’re getting more of the same in September. For Xbox One owners, you’ll only be getting one new game in September; Crimson Dragon, one of last month’s games will be continuing its tenure into this month. The other game you can get for free will be Super Time Force, a nifty little indie game that is quite a lot more tricky than its appearance as a side-scrolling gun-fest might suggest. Super Time Force will be available for the full month of September. Xbox 360 owners have hit the jackpot again this month – not only will the get to download the pixellated, heist, indie ...

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The Forest Alpha

My First Hour Playing: The Forest Alpha on PC

Survival horror games are the toast of the indie game development scene, with new interpretations on the genre emerging with each passing week. One particular game, though, has really caught my eye: The Forest developed by Endnight Games. It’s foreboding trailer sets a dark, mysterious atmosphere for your character who is left to their primal instincts to survive not only the wilderness, but also an unavoidable supernatural element that haunts the forest. I was lucky enough to play The Forest Alpha on PC which is currently in Early Access on Steam, and the following words are my thoughts on the game after a brief time playing it.   The Story The premise of The Forest is a simple one: you are travelling aboard a plane when it suffers a catastrophic accident in the air and crash lands in a forest. As you wake from unconsciousness, you see a mysterious tribal figure take what ...

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It’s Game Time: Origin’s new free round of PC gaming is up with Battlefield 4 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Time to game everyone. Origin’s has just released the new set of freebie trial games that they hope will entice you enough to get hooked so you open up that wallet and buy. The last Origin’s Game Time release was for Titanfall, needless to say, I played the crap out of it and recently bought it about a week ago. Today you have two games to choose from. Battlefield 4 is the hottest titles of the two. If you haven’t picked it up yet, now is your chance to find out for yourself if it is worth having in your collection or not. EA and Dice have had a lot of negative press surrounding the game since it launched, but a lot of things have improved a lot since the start-up of the CTE (community test environment) with plenty more fixes on the way. Being a casual gamer I find ...

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EA Access

EA Access subscription gets announced, brings EA games to Xbox One for not much at all

Electronic Arts (EA) may have been voted worst company in America last year, but they’re doing a good job of undoing all the discontent with great game releases. Next on the list of awesome EA things is something called EA Access, a subscription service that EA announced today and coming soon for Xbox One that will get more of its games into gamer’s hands for less. Welcome to EA Access, a new membership kicking off on Xbox One! Access to The Vault, discounts, & more! Learn More: http://t.co/laaY10bpTf — EA Access (@EAAccess) July 29, 2014 The idea of the subscription is that you get access to a predetermined “Vault” of games, which currently comprises of FIFA 14, Madden 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4. EA promises that the library of games in the Vault will be added to, and will also enable subscribers to get early access to games. Upcoming EA ...

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iBolt xProDock Connect Featured

iBolt xProDock Connect Universal Phone Mounting System Review

The iBolt xProDock Connect is the latest universal docking station with NFC support from iBolt to securely position your phone in an easy to view position while driving. The differentiator the iBolt xProDock Connect has over its competition is the application they have developed to make your experience safer and easier to use. The overall design of the iBolt xProDock mounting system is well thought out and offers a lot of features.  The bottom two arms holding your phone are adjustable in every direction and slightly hooked to ensure your phone is never going to fall out.  Even with the largest of cases on your phone this dock is still going to adjust to accommodate the size.  I’m still using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it fit easily into the dock.  Even with my largest case, I had no issues at all.   The iBolt xProDock Holds any Phone ...

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5 things House of Wolves changed in Destiny

Bungie shows off Destiny in 1080p on the Xbox One

Destiny is a desperately beautiful game, however for Xbox One owners playing the beta, it is a game they have yet to experience at the full 1080p resolution as their PS4 counterparts have experienced; the Xbox One beta has been running at 900p resolution. Bungie has confirmed that Destiny will be launched on September 9th at the full resolution on Xbox One, but stopped short of enabling it for the current beta due to development constraints. To help satiate your hunger for high-resolution goodness, Bungie has today released footage of Destiny in 1080p on the Xbox One. It’s… well, just look: (Quick, but obvious note: make sure you select the ‘1080p’ option in YouTube) What tears? These aren’t tears, my eyes are just leaking… with joy. Destiny in 1080p is a sight to behold, and it looks to be making the most of the Xbox One’s additional oomph, pushing out the beautiful ...

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