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destiny mars gameplay trailer

Explore The Red Planet in the new Destiny Mars Gameplay Trailer

Not that I’m counting, but there are only 23 days, 9 hours until Destiny is officially released, and boy is there a lot of anticipation around the web. Although we’ve likely only seen a small portion of the gameplay and story that will be afforded to us in the full game, that hasn’t stopped us poring over every detail of the beta and what little information we have. To help satiate our thirst for gameplay snippets, Bungie has released the Destiny Mars gameplay trailer, which takes us through some of the landscapes and enemies you’ll be facing on The Red Planet. Check it out: Mars, of course, isn’t the only place besides Earth that you’ll get to visit in Destiny; other celestial bodies like Venus and the Moon are also on the navigation charts, with a small number of people getting the opportunity to visit the Moon in a two ...

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destiny beta

Bungie reveals some impressive statistics from the Destiny Beta

Last weekend, the Destiny Beta ended and so began what might subjectively be the longest month before the game’s actual release on September 9th. Destiny is anticipated to be one of the biggest releases of 2014, so it’s not surprising that when developer, Bungie, released some statistics from the Beta, spread over all 4 platforms, there were some genuinely impressive numbers in there. According to Bungie, 4,638,937 people took part in the 9 day Beta, who created 6.5 million in-game characters. When Bungie opened the Beta up to people who hadn’t preordered the game, 853,235 concurrent players were recorded as being online, 851,264 of which were given the exclusive honour of visiting the Moon. While the servers weren’t perfect during the Beta (I had two disconnects in the very short time that I played), it does look like Bungie might have what it takes to support the masses of Guardians that are ...

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Destiny’s beta is now an open beta

For the last week, many gamers have been savouring their first opportunities to play Destiny, the highly anticipated game by Halo-creator, Bungie. The beta has so far only been available to gamers keen enough to pre-order the game, however that has all changed today. Bungie announced earlier today that the beta would become available to all; all you require is a PSN or Xbox live account and away you go (Note: this does only mean Xbox Live Gold members, however). In a post on their website, Bungie said: “Today, at 4:00 PM PDT, we’re opening the Destiny Beta to anyone who wants to create a character and walk in their boots. There are, of course, some requirements. Aside from all the standard requirements, you’ll need to be brave. Help us deliver the game you deserve. Before we shut this party down, we’ll welcome everyone who wants a preview of this brave ...

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5 things House of Wolves changed in Destiny

Bungie shows off Destiny in 1080p on the Xbox One

Destiny is a desperately beautiful game, however for Xbox One owners playing the beta, it is a game they have yet to experience at the full 1080p resolution as their PS4 counterparts have experienced; the Xbox One beta has been running at 900p resolution. Bungie has confirmed that Destiny will be launched on September 9th at the full resolution on Xbox One, but stopped short of enabling it for the current beta due to development constraints. To help satiate your hunger for high-resolution goodness, Bungie has today released footage of Destiny in 1080p on the Xbox One. It’s… well, just look: (Quick, but obvious note: make sure you select the ‘1080p’ option in YouTube) What tears? These aren’t tears, my eyes are just leaking… with joy. Destiny in 1080p is a sight to behold, and it looks to be making the most of the Xbox One’s additional oomph, pushing out the beautiful ...

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Destiny panorama screenshots

Amazing Destiny panorama screenshots show brand new Locales

Just what we needed to round out the week: a set of Destiny panorama screenshots that show a few of the beautiful locales that you will be able to see in the game. The images were posted up by Bungie community manager, David “DeeJ” Dague, as part of the studio’s “Weekly Update”, and shows full 360 degree views of fantastic landscapes as created by Technical Artist, Nate “Veegie” Hawbaker. While the update did not divulge any new information (DeeJ says that “every question about Destiny is a spoiler”), Bungie Day is only a few days away (July 7th), so perhaps we will find out more information then. Of course, some of you will be one of the lucky few who get to play as part of Destiny’s Beta, which begins on July 17th on PS3 and PS4, which can only add to the hype before the game is released on September ...

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