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Stephen Colbert grills Neil deGrasse Tyson

Stephen Colbert grills Neil deGrasse Tyson about Pluto’s non-planet title

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (a not-planet sized rock), you will have heard at least some of the chatter about the New Horizons probe sending back the first ever high definition pictures of Pluto. Of course, Pluto has most famously been demoted from planet status, and while seeing the Solar System’s outermost inhabitant isn’t anything short of amazing, The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert had a different bone to pick, in particular with renowned TV scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, who played a part in Pluto’s demotion. The encounter is nothing short of hilarious – check it out: Hilarious, and remarkably informative. In case you missed it, New Horizons is going to be sending back its photos of Pluto and its surrounding “objects” over the next year or more, so the most landmark space discovery of our lifetimes (probably) is still a work in progress. Even so, it’s utterly mesmerizing ...

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Nintendo NX

Why Nintendo announced it was making the Nintendo NX but hasn’t spoken about it since

There’s a special kind of frenzy that Nintendo fans get worked into when the Japanese video game company announces that they are making a new console, but it’s quickly followed by dismay when they refuse to divulge any more details about it. That’s essentially what’s happened with the Nintendo NX, which Nintendo declared it has every intention of making earlier this year, but has failed to talk about since then. So intense has the confusion and criticism been that president Satoru Iwata has had to comment on the NX so that hopefully its fans will understand its plans. At a recent investor brief, Iwata said: “[The] NX was announced as a new platform alongside the DeNA venture. The NX was announced then to indicate that we are not retreating from game platforms and will continue the hardware business. Normally, the announcement would’ve been made later. It was like revealing a magic trick ...

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North Korea claims to have a single drug that cures MERS, AIDS and Ebola

North Korea claims to have a single drug that cures MERS, AIDS and Ebola

I don’t think it should be a surprise to anyone that news that comes out of North Korea is generally pretty farcical, but this latest piece of news seems almost laughably unbelievable. North Korea claims to have a single drug that cures MERS, AIDS and Ebola, and is apparently made from ginseng grown specifically in North Korea. Now, I’d almost be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt if they’d claimed the cure for one of the diseases (no, actually I wouldn’t), but to claim all three diseases is a little greedy. And let’s be honest, ginseng is really only good in tea. Naturally, this is the same drug, Kumdang-2, that cured bird flu in North Korea some years ago, but I’m almost certain the probability of that happening is about the same probability of anyone in North Korea having either bird flu, MERS, AIDS or Ebola put together – ...

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Steam Summer sale

Brace yourselves, a Steam sale is coming: 11th of June allegedly the start date for Steam Summer sale

If there’s one thing that is sure to clear your wallet of money – that doesn’t start with “C” and end in “Christmas” – is a Steam sale, and it’s very possible that one is going to start on June 11th. Details of what’s probably going to be the Steam Summer sale was posted up on Valve‘s VKontakte page, which is kind of like Facebook, and says that said sale will be happening between June 11th and June 20th, to be followed by 2 days of encore sales. That does sound exactly what a Steam Summer sale would be like, so we’re inclined to believe it, for now. We especially like the note at the end of the post which reads (translated): “Also we advise to read our guidance on sales, not to spend all the money in one day”. Classic Valve. We’re probably going to get nothing out of Valve ...

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege releases October 13th, 2015

The name Rainbow Six has somewhat faded into obscurity in the video game world, particularly given the booming popularity of competing franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield, leaving Ubisoft without an entry in one of the biggest video game genres. Thankfully, it looks like Ubisoft is really to breach the first-person shooter market again with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege for which it released an extremely ominous and technical official trailer – check it out: Unlike Battlefield or Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege looks like it’s going to be relying much more on gadgets and team tactics to achieve objectives, which is a welcome change to the run-and-gun tactics that have become the norm in more recent shooters. Perhaps most interesting is that Ubisoft is committing to have Rainbow Six Siege released this October – October 13th to be exact, which means it will be going head-to-head with the ...

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marvel and telltale games

Match made in comic book heaven: Marvel and Telltale Games to make video games together

If there’s a game studio who’s on a roll this past year, it would have to be Telltale Games. After inking deals with the hugely popular Game of Thrones and Minecraft franchises, it was announced by Marvel a few days ago that Marvel and Telltale Games will be making video games together based on Marvel intellectual property. Given Telltale Games’ proven ability to accurately convey emotional and brooding stories in previous games like The Walking Dead, this would go perfectly in hand with the darker stories of the Marvel Universe, and I’m honestly struggling to contain my excitement. Marvel Games creative director, Bill Roseman, did say, however, that the games developed under the partnership would feel “exquisite” and “sexy” – this is interesting as this isn’t generally the vibe that I get from Telltale Games’ current games, despite their storytelling prowess, so presumably some collaboration is going to go on between the two parties to make ...

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Large Hadron Collider is back online

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: The Large Hadron Collider is back online

This is the kind of news that will either make you jump for joy or cower in fear: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is back online and its even more power than it was before. The LHC has been undergoing an extensive upgrade that has taken two years, but is now starting a ramp up that marks its second body of work – a body of work that will hopefully see protons colliding with 13TeV of energy, double that which was possible the last time the LHC was on. Of course, all of this is in the name of science, and the theories on the table to be explored by CERN include: Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism, dark matter, antimatter, quark-gluon plasma All of these tests intend to push the limits of our understanding of physics and hopefully unravel more of the unknown. Here’s to the LHC not creating a black hole. What do you think ...

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Xbox One picks up Sling TV, the $20 live subscription TV service

Sling TV made its debut on mobile devices and Fire TV a few months back and with its announcement brought a solid line-up of live TV programming for just $20 a month. It is a pretty big move that certainly pushes towards the cord cutters more so than others have done so in the past. It was announced that Xbox One would also be supported, but the official launch date was a bit of a mystery. That changes today as the Sling TV service is now officially available for Xbox One owners. If you want to give it a spin prior to making the $20 commitment you have the opportunity to do so for 30-days. That is a substantial boost to the regular 7-day trial that Sling TV offers on their website for other devices. The $20 package brings you 17 live TV channels, including ESPN, ESPN 2, [Adult Swim], ...

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update to Destiny before House of Wolves

Bungie promises another update to Destiny before House of Wolves, makes lots of spaceship puns

Update 1.1.1 arrived on Destiny last week to surprisingly wide acclaim, however Bungie isn’t resting on its laurels, promising another update to Destiny before House of Wolves. The House of Wolves expansion DLC is expected to be unleashed sometime between April and June of this year, so this next major update would need to be big enough to tide players over for another month or two. While Bungie stopped short of explicitly mentioning anything included in the next update, the blog post did appear to make a lot of references to the ships in the game and associated metaphors: “Now that 1.1.1 has been tucked in below decks, we can line up the next “release candidate” for final approach.” “But, before the House of Wolves begins its own descent through the stratosphere with precious cargo in tow, you can expect another Destiny Update to come in for a landing.” “I’m going ...

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Head transplants

Head transplants could be possible in about two years, says Italian scientist

Modern medicine has progressed to the point where we can almost transplant any part of the body to another body, but the brain, or more generally, the head, is something that we’ve yet to fully understand, yet alone transplant on humans. However, one Italian scientist, Sergio Canavero, believes we are about two years away from a successful head transplant. His method, as CNET summarizes, is as follows: “First, both the transplant head and the donor body would need to be cooled in order to slow cell death. Then, the neck of both would be cut and the major blood vessels linked with tubes. Finally, the spinal cords would be severed, with as clean a cut as possible. Joining the spinal cords, with the tightly packed nerves inside, is key. The plan involves flushing the area with polyethylene glycol, followed by several hours of injections of the same, a chemical that ...

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