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Battlefield Hardline Beta

EA Unlocks all Weapons and Gadgets for Battlefield Hardline Beta Players

Moments ago the Battlelog for the Battlefield Hardline Beta shared some great news. If you happen to be playing around in the beta, EA has unlocked all the weapons and gadgets for PC and PS4 players to try out. Getting a chance to play every single weapon and gadget available in Battlefield Hardline beta will allow us to get a better sense of what’s working for you, how each gun and item is balanced in every match/encounter, and make changes based on your feedback. Along with the firepower and gadgetry, they say they have also included some audio fixes and “netcode” improvements. Those were part of the June 18th update that they just ran. EA is also quick to point out that the Battlefield Hardline Beta’s weapons, gadgets and vehicles are just a taste of what is to come when the game makes its debut on October 21st. Don’t forget, ...

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Battlefield Hardline Beat for PC

Battlefield Hardline Beta ‘Instant Access’ Available for PC Players

Just a week ago EA officially announced the new Battlefield Hardline game in cooperation with Dead Space creator, Visceral Studios. Visceral  is handling the simple player and story line aspect of the game while EA is handling the multiplayer aspect. When they announced the title at E3 they also made a closed beta of the mulitplayer aspect available for PC players. Picking it up was pretty easy, just go to the Battlefield page, sign into your Origins account and agree to the terms and conditions. It took a little while for the game to make its appearance in your “My Games” section of Origins. Not everyone has had the chance to get in and check out the new title though, but that just changed later in the evening last night. The official Battlefield blog announced that any PC player out there can not sign up and get instant access to the ...

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