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Misfit Wearables Pebble App

Misfit partners with Pebble to bring fitness tracking to all Pebble Users

Misfit Wearables is the company behind the Misfit Shine. The Shine is a small round fitness tracking device that you can wear on your wrist, clip it to your shirt, tuck it in a pair of Misfit socks and loop it through a belt loop. The Shine has quite a few ways to take it with you. We reviewed the Shine a number of months ago and over that time frame the Android app has been updated a number of times and just keeps getting better. Today Misfits has announced a new way to track your fitness and sleep habits thanks to the release of the new Misfit app for the Pebble smartwatch. “We’re delighted to provide our fitness tracking technology to Pebble; we want to see this capability offered to as many users as possible,” said Sonny Vu, founder and CEO of Misfit. It is great to see Misfit stepping out of ...

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Scosche Rhythm Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor Review

Scosche Rhythm Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor Review The Scosche Rhythm Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor is a Bluetooth enabled pulse (heart rate) monitor that you attach to your arm and then link to your smartphone to monitor your pulse and help optimize your workout routines. Scosche sure do make a varied selection of devices from headphones and earphones, to car stereo head units and speakers.  do they make good products?  Generally yes they do.  Read on to find out what I thought of the Scosche Rhythm Bluetooth Armband Pulse Monitor. The health of people all around the world is growing concern these days.  Junk food is easily available and even fresh produce is so covered in preservatives and chemicals that it’s so easy to not eat healthy.  A good Fitness routine is one way to help you get healthy and many devices are available to help get the most from your routines.   ...

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