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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is leaked, official announcement to follow on April 8th

Just when I was losing hope for a new Deus Ex title, a nice big ol’ leak hits the air waves. A new Square Enix game allegedly titled “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided” has been outed today and continues after the last Deus Ex title, Human Revolution. Set in 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution, what started out a testy violence between ‘normal’ humans and augmented humans has broken out into all-out conflict and the story re-centers on protagonist, Adam Jensen, who will presumably do something along the lines of save the day. Come see the future of Deus Ex, tomorrow at 09:00PT/12:00ET/18:00CEST on http://t.co/cyr5xIE3fm. #CantKillProgress pic.twitter.com/bJS5Gf2gUu — Deus Ex (@DeusEx) April 7, 2015 Not to be completely beaten by the leaked news, the Deus Ex Twitter feed has posted up that a likely game reveal will be happening tomorrow (or today) on April 8th at 9:00am PST, ...

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Large Hadron Collider is back online

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: The Large Hadron Collider is back online

This is the kind of news that will either make you jump for joy or cower in fear: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is back online and its even more power than it was before. The LHC has been undergoing an extensive upgrade that has taken two years, but is now starting a ramp up that marks its second body of work – a body of work that will hopefully see protons colliding with 13TeV of energy, double that which was possible the last time the LHC was on. Of course, all of this is in the name of science, and the theories on the table to be explored by CERN include: Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism, dark matter, antimatter, quark-gluon plasma All of these tests intend to push the limits of our understanding of physics and hopefully unravel more of the unknown. Here’s to the LHC not creating a black hole. What do you think ...

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Quantum Break is delayed to 2016

Remedy and Microsoft announce Quantum Break is delayed to 2016

One of the most anticipated games on the Xbox One game console is Quantum Break, an exclusive that looks to be one of the first to fully explore the capabilities of the next-gen console’s performance. Involving breathtaking graphics, time warp sequences, and a mind-boggling story, Quantum Break has all the makings of a fantastic game, however, we’re going to have to wait a little longer for its release after it was announced by Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment that Quantum Break is delayed to 2016. The quoted reason for this is that “with so many Xbox One games launching this year, moving Quantum Break to 2016 extends our incredible portfolio into next year with a monster new IP.” The strategy behind this is sound – like Evolve, a new IP is likely to struggle against yearly stalwarts like Call of Duty and assorted sports games in the latter half of the year, so waiting ...

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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

First ever Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage to be unveiled on April 17th

For the longest time, gaming enthusiasts everywhere have been clamoring for Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage. We know that about a month ago gameplay footage was shown off to retailers thanks to EA executive, Peter Moore, who kindly teased some pictures after that fateful meeting. Well, it looks like EA is ready to show off that footage to the general public, and will be doing so while hosting a panel at the Star Wars Celebration which runs from April 16-19 – the exact time and day will be April 17th at 10:30am PT. We’ll be sure to share it as soon as it drops/ Personally, I’m extremely psyched for the game despite having seen so little of it, and I have faith that EA has the funds and vision to see this project through and to see Battlefront regain some of its former glory. What do you think about Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage ...

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Patriot Ignite 480 SSD Review

Patriot has been in the business to provide high-performance and enthusiast level PC components. Their bread and butter was RAM, for the most part, in the beginning. Catering to the PC enthusiasts of the world. The last few years they have been working on some pretty fantastic mobile accessories like the FUEL iON and OTG drives. Along side that Patriot has been making high-performance SSD’s (Solid State Drives) for consumers. The previous lines offered names like the Blaze, Torch and Pyro. Each model was better than the last, as are most product lines. This year at CES 2015 they unveiled the new Patriot Ignite SSD’s which push the speeds and storage capacity up to the demanding needs of PC users around the world. Today I will take you on a tour and experience review using their new Ignite SSD line. This review is from an average consumers point of view The Ignite line ...

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Xbox One picks up Sling TV, the $20 live subscription TV service

Sling TV made its debut on mobile devices and Fire TV a few months back and with its announcement brought a solid line-up of live TV programming for just $20 a month. It is a pretty big move that certainly pushes towards the cord cutters more so than others have done so in the past. It was announced that Xbox One would also be supported, but the official launch date was a bit of a mystery. That changes today as the Sling TV service is now officially available for Xbox One owners. If you want to give it a spin prior to making the $20 commitment you have the opportunity to do so for 30-days. That is a substantial boost to the regular 7-day trial that Sling TV offers on their website for other devices. The $20 package brings you 17 live TV channels, including ESPN, ESPN 2, [Adult Swim], ...

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Star Trek Online Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek Online places multiple in-game memorials for Leonard Nimoy

Last week, the world was saddened to hear about the passing of Leonard Nimoy, a man who in gaming and tech circles was held incredibly dear. None more dear than the community of the game Star Trek Online, a game based on the TV show and movies that Nimoy became so loved in as the character, Spock. Fittingly, the game’s creators have seen fit to put a number of memorials into the game in remembrance of Nimoy, one on Spock’s home planet of Vulcan, one on the planet of New Romulus, and a plaque that is going to serve as a memorial to all the cast of Star Trek who have passed away, including Majel Barret (Christine Chapel), James Doohan (Montgomery Scott), DeForest Kelley (Leonard McCoy), and also the series’ creator, Gene Roddenberry. A most fitting memorial. And for fans of the series who are wondering why New Romulus needed ...

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update to Destiny before House of Wolves

Bungie promises another update to Destiny before House of Wolves, makes lots of spaceship puns

Update 1.1.1 arrived on Destiny last week to surprisingly wide acclaim, however Bungie isn’t resting on its laurels, promising another update to Destiny before House of Wolves. The House of Wolves expansion DLC is expected to be unleashed sometime between April and June of this year, so this next major update would need to be big enough to tide players over for another month or two. While Bungie stopped short of explicitly mentioning anything included in the next update, the blog post did appear to make a lot of references to the ships in the game and associated metaphors: “Now that 1.1.1 has been tucked in below decks, we can line up the next “release candidate” for final approach.” “But, before the House of Wolves begins its own descent through the stratosphere with precious cargo in tow, you can expect another Destiny Update to come in for a landing.” “I’m going ...

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spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday

Players are spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday, says Bungie

Bungie has come out with some interesting statistics at a panel held at GDC 2015, stating that there are currently 17 million players registered on its blockbuster game, Destiny, and that players are spending 3 hours on Destiny everyday, on average, a huge number when you factor in just casual players. Even Bungie is a little surprised by the average playtime statistic – John Hopson of Bungie says that Bungie had originally only expected players to play 39 minutes each session. And what are players doing during their 3 hours of gameplay everyday? Well, according to another slide shown at the panel, Destiny players are spending most of their time playing Strikes, closely followed by Story missions, and perhaps most interestingly, the Tower social space. Bungie also divulged an interesting nugget of information during their panel, which was that they knew about the infamous loot cave before Destiny was even released, expect ...

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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay footage

Star Wars Battlefront is being shown off behind closed doors to retailers; enter E3

Star Wars Battlefront. Those three words have sent shivers down my spine (the good kind) ever since I laid eyes on the teaser trailer that was shown at EA‘s E3 2013 press conference. We’ve seen previous little about the DICE developed game, and while we have little doubt that the game is probably going to live up to its namesake, we can’t help but want to see more. EA executive, Peter Moore, isn’t exactly helping: A GREAT show with my friends/partners @GameStop. Superb ovation for latest game play footage on @starwars Battlefront pic.twitter.com/mrGAHcT7VK — Peter Moore (@petermooreEA) March 3, 2015 From what we can tell, Moore has just spend the day showing off Star Wars Battlefront to retailers like Gamestop presumably to get them excited for the game’s release. Whether the public is going to get a glimpse of this footage is anyone’s guess, but we’re sure to see more at this ...

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