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evolve will be delayed

Take-Two announces Evolve will be delayed to February 2015

The end of 2014 has been shaping up to be a gaming-apalooza to be remembered; games like Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare threaten to rob us of family time when the Holidays come to pass. Unfortunately, though, one game will have to be scratched from that list. It has been announced that 2K Games and Turtle Rock‘s latest title Evolve will be delayed from its original October 2014 release to February 2015. This change was announced as part of Take-Two Interactive‘s financial report (Take-Two wholly owns the publisher of Evolve, 2K Games). While that’s certainly disappointing for many gamers, like myself, who have been madly obsessing over recently released gameplay footage, Take-Two President, Karl Slatoff gave a very sound reason for not releasing Evolve this year. They said they had: “primarily decided the title deserves and should have more time to be polished so it can reach its absolute optimal state before we release ...

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destiny beta

Bungie reveals some impressive statistics from the Destiny Beta

Last weekend, the Destiny Beta ended and so began what might subjectively be the longest month before the game’s actual release on September 9th. Destiny is anticipated to be one of the biggest releases of 2014, so it’s not surprising that when developer, Bungie, released some statistics from the Beta, spread over all 4 platforms, there were some genuinely impressive numbers in there. According to Bungie, 4,638,937 people took part in the 9 day Beta, who created 6.5 million in-game characters. When Bungie opened the Beta up to people who hadn’t preordered the game, 853,235 concurrent players were recorded as being online, 851,264 of which were given the exclusive honour of visiting the Moon. While the servers weren’t perfect during the Beta (I had two disconnects in the very short time that I played), it does look like Bungie might have what it takes to support the masses of Guardians that are ...

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F1 2014

Formula 1 game franchise to do one last lap with the Xbox 360 and PS3 in F1 2014

Formula 1 is still a very niche sport around the world, but like the technology involved in sending those aerodynamic beauties around the track, the annual video game has been at the forefront of its genre, specifically racing simulations since its first iteration in 2010. Fast forward to 2014, and we were wondering what platforms Codemasters would be releasing its new game on, which Codemasters has conveniently answered in a blog post yesterday. Predictably named ‘F1 2014‘, this new game will only be coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in mid-October; the next-gen consoles will have to wait till 2015 for their game. Check out the announcement trailer below: The blog post goes on to elaborate on next year’s release, which we mentioned will be coming to Xbox One and PS4. Traditionally, the F1 games have come out in October, which is unfortunately at the tail end of the Formula ...

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beyond good and evil 2

Finally: Ubisoft confirms Beyond Good & Evil 2 is happening

Fans of the original Beyond Good & Evil game have waited patiently for the rumoured sequel for many years now, suffering through teased trailers and gameplay videos that threatened to be the only evidence that it ever existed. Truth be told, many of us relegated the sequel, assumed to be called Beyond Good & Evil 2, to the same pile as Half-life 3, never to see the light of day. Thankfully though, Ubisoft Montpellier has confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is indeed happening, although its designer, Michel Ancel, will have his work cut out for him after he recently founded an independant studio, Wild Sheep Studio. Managing Director Xavier Poix said: “In addition to spending some of his time on this new venture, Michel is leading the creative development of select projects at Ubisoft Montpellier, including an extremely ambitious new title that is very close to his and the team’s heart” Those ...

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Xbox One sales

Sony’s financial report reveals the PS4 is likely outselling the Xbox One

It’s still very early days in this “next-gen” console cycle, but it is clear that Sony‘s offering, the Sony PlayStation 4, has taken an early lead over its rival the Microsoft Xbox One. While there’s likely still a long time left in this cycle (the last lasted for 8 years), it’s a testament to Sony’s efforts in trying to define this era that have resulted in it reporting a 96% increase in its games revenue and some information that suggests the PS4 is likely outselling the Xbox One. Not too shabby at all. Sony reported that it generated 257.5 billion Yen ($2.5 billion USD) in the last quarter and sold 3.5 million console units, which includes both PS4 and PS3 consoles. This is in stark contrast of Microsoft reporting that it had shipped, not sold, 1.1 million consoles; yes, that’s including both Xbox One and Xbox 360. This is extremely encouraging ...

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EA Access

EA Access subscription gets announced, brings EA games to Xbox One for not much at all

Electronic Arts (EA) may have been voted worst company in America last year, but they’re doing a good job of undoing all the discontent with great game releases. Next on the list of awesome EA things is something called EA Access, a subscription service that EA announced today and coming soon for Xbox One that will get more of its games into gamer’s hands for less. Welcome to EA Access, a new membership kicking off on Xbox One! Access to The Vault, discounts, & more! Learn More: http://t.co/laaY10bpTf — EA Access (@EAAccess) July 29, 2014 The idea of the subscription is that you get access to a predetermined “Vault” of games, which currently comprises of FIFA 14, Madden 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4. EA promises that the library of games in the Vault will be added to, and will also enable subscribers to get early access to games. Upcoming EA ...

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3D Blu-ray support to the PS4

Update 1.75 brings 3D Blu-ray support for the PS4

Have you been waiting for 3D Blu-ray support to the PS4? Well, the wait is finally over after Sony pushed out System Software version 1.75 which brings the support you’ve been craving. PS4 System Software 1.75 is now ready to download. Get downloading.! pic.twitter.com/w1nFA1FHxi — PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) July 29, 2014 If you’re wondering if there were any other changes made in this patch, Sony Community Manager, Chris Owens took to Twitter to clear that up: Those all important patch-notes! #PS4 Firmware Update 1.75 pic.twitter.com/9C4FlYUKIs — Chris Owen (@Envisager_) July 29, 2014 As you can see, there isn’t much additional in this patch besides the 3D Blu-ray support, but for some people, that’s all that matters. What would you like to see in the PS4’s next update? Let us know your thoughts. Source: Twitter (1), (2) via engadget

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Fist bumps are better than handshakes

Fist bumps are better than handshakes, because science said so

Have you ever wondered why President Obama is always spotted fist bumping people he meets? Of course, it might just be because he’s a pretty cool guy, but what if he knew something that we didn’t? A study posted on EurekAlert has postulated that fist bumps are better than handshakes because they “transmit significantly fewer bacteria than either handshaking or high-fiving” and still fulfill the base requirements for social etiquette. While this seems relatively trivial for most of us, unless you’re somewhat of a germaphobe, this makes a huge impact in the medical industry, particularly hospitals, where nasty viruses can be transmitted from medical professionals to multiple patients in otherwise innocent handshakes. The study follows on from a suggestion by the Journal of the American Medical Association which called for the cessation of handshakes in hospitals. Still don’t believe it? The study details the exact process its findings were collated: In this ...

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Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Trailer

My eyes are raining: The Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Trailer looks absolutely gorgeous

Halo fans everywhere gave a collective cheer when Microsoft and 343 Industries announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection at E3 2014. The game will bring the storied franchise to the Xbox One, and encompasses the entirety of the series from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary right through to Halo 4. While the original Halo previously got the Anniversary upgrade, Halo 2 will also be getting the same refresh, graphics and all, and the first preview of this was unveiled earlier today with the Halo 2 Anniversary Cinematic Trailer. Note: Make sure you watch this in 1080p!!! The cut-scenes included in this trailer were worked on Blur Studio, and you can really see the striking difference that 10 years has made in terms of graphical prowess. I’m particularly impressed with the upgraded facial animations (Sangheili included), but it’s hard to point out anything that isn’t incredibly impressive about what’s in the trailer. Cinematics aside, I ...

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You've Been Chosen

You’ve Been Chosen: Bioware drops “Nightmare” teaser trailer ahead of likely Gamescom announcement

Bioware is an extremely successful games company who is the face behind plenty of this generation’s most iconic game franchises, including Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. All of these are well into their sequels, so it seems almost inevitable that Bioware drops some new IP on us soon, and if a new teaser trailer is any indication, that IP might be shown soon. Hosted on a site titled “You’ve Been Chosen“, Bioware yesterday sent out a so-called “Nightmare” teaser trailer, depicted in live-action, which showed a series of harrowing scenes of a ghost town and a man frantically trying to escape something: Not one to ever want their brilliant stories spoiled, Bioware has only said these words to accompany the video: The time is near. They are watching. Your power is rising Cologne, Germany. You’ve Been Chosen. While the passage is definitely cryptic, the bit ...

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