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Plex for Xbox

Plex finds its way to Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Plex is without a doubt my favorite media serve application to date. The Plex team has apps across every major mobile platform, the major connected TV devices and even offers a dedicated Home Theater build if you have a PC set up on your TV as your media center. They work hard to implement new features, function and to bring the services to other devices that we all know and love. Today I am happy to announce that Plex is finally coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Plex for Xbox

Don’t go freaking out just yet though. There are a few small details that you might want to know ahead of time. For instance, the Xbox One version of the application is available for immediate download as a preview for Plex Pass subscribers. Where as the Xbox 360 version of the app is not quite ready, but will be out soon for Plex Pass members also. This is nothing new really. Plex Pass subscribers always get the latest apps and features a few weeks ahead of the general public release of the app. This gives Plex time to solve issues and squash bugs on a large-scale. It also entices users of the FREE services to want a Plex Pass account. Hey, they have to make some money to keep moving forward.

Plex for Xbox has a pretty great little trick up its sleeve. The team worked closely with Microsoft to make sure they were able to take full advantage of everything Xbox has to offer the users. One of the big things Xbox offers is Xbox Kinect. With the Plex for Xbox app you can fully make use of your Kinect with full voice and motion gestures on your Plex library.

Plex for Xbox

If you are a Plex Pas member and own a Xbox One, you might want to go give the new addition to the Plex family a try. You will want to make sure your Plex media server is up to date before hand. Then follow the three easy steps to get it up and running.

Plex for Xbox Install

That is all there is to it. Have at it and let us know how it works out for you.

More details at Plex | Plex 2


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